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The best padlocks of 2024

best padlocks 2024
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In an ideal world, you would be able to leave your belongings unattended without any worries. Unfortunately, theft is almost always a risk, no matter if it’s items in your home, luggage at an airport, or your bike parked outside a supermarket. With the need to keep things secure, nothing performs better than the best padlocks of 2024.

These devices are simple, yet surprisingly versatile, offering reliable durability and peace of mind. The heavy-duty Kurtzy padlock stood out to us for its hardened steel construction and unique D-shape. Read through our reviews and buying guide to narrow down your search for the ideal padlock.

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The best padlocks

Kurtzy Heavy-Duty 5-Key Padlock

Kurtzy padlock – Best overall

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The Kurtzy 5-key padlock is your trusted guardian when you need to safeguard your valuables. Crafted with precision and durability, it’s designed to provide top-tier security. With a heavy-duty construction, it’s the ideal choice when it comes to securing storage units, gates, toolboxes, and lockers. In turn, this padlock ensures your peace of mind in various settings.

Plus, it offers unparalleled convenience thanks to its set of five keys. Such an ample supply of keys means you can distribute them among family members, colleagues, or trusted individuals while keeping an emergency spare for yourself. Whether you’re managing access to a shared space or looking for extra security, this padlock can provide you with the flexibility that you need. Its robust design is a reliable deterrent against tampering, and that’s why it’s our top choice.


  • Reliable choice for high-value items
  • Provides flexibility and convenience
  • Suitable for versatile usage


  • Limited weather resistance
Desired Tools Padlock

Desired Tools padlock – Runner up

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The Desired Tools combination padlock might look like an ordinary product at first glance, but it’s so much more. For starters, it’s extremely tough—if someone tries to cut it or break it with brute force, the shackle will not yield. Its alloy steel construction is even sturdy enough to withstand power tools.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, which happens to be the combination mechanism in most padlocks. Unsurprisingly, this lock is covered on that front as well. Trying to cheat the lock by tensioning the shackle will not work either. Plus, it’s resistant to both water and weather, making it an ideal option for your outdoor security needs. 


  • Won’t fail against common tampering attempts
  • Around 10,000 possible unique combinations 
  • Can be used outdoors without worries


  • A bit too heavy for luggage
H&S Padlock

H&S padlock – Best design

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The H&S padlock is an outstanding choice for those looking for a reliable and secure way to protect their possessions. This heavy-duty padlock can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its hardened boron alloy steel construction and inner mechanism for maximum corrosion protection. In addition, its classic design with a closed shackled body makes it perfect for high-exposed areas, such as gym lockers or storing merchandise. 

This padlock also comes with five latest technology keys that can be kept together or separately to share with others or keep as backups. Every key features a unique design and is durable, corrosion-resistant, and dependable. Not to mention that it comes in handy if one of the keys is lost or misplaced, as there are still four additional ones at your disposal. With its superior construction and security features, this storage lock is sure to keep your treasured items safe from harm indoors and outdoors. It is reliable, durable, convenient, and highly secure.


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Unique design
  • Solid steel construction


  • Keys seem flimsy
Puroma Padlock

Puroma padlock – Most versatile

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Padlocks are fairly versatile in general, but this Puroma combination padlock stands out from the market. It features a 2.6-inch long shackle that can wrap around most lockable items. Depending on the surrounding structure, you might even be able to use it on your bike without a chain. The best part about this versatility-enhancing long shackle is that it does not come at the cost of padlock integrity and security. 

Its sturdy carbon steel and zinc construction are strong enough to withstand most regular brute-force attacks without breaking. Another great aspect is its combination number disks. They’re decently large with deep grooves, so you can easily put in your code when you are in a hurry. This padlock is also resistant to rust, ensuring its longevity. 


  • Long shackle makes it more versatile 
  • Can withstand common attacks with ease
  • Easy to rotate number disks


  • Shackle length prevents locking in tight spaces
Fayleeko Padlock

Yale padlock – Best value

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You shouldn’t cheap out on the thing that will be protecting the more expensive stuff you own. But, in the case of the Yale combination padlock, saving money doesn’t sacrifice durability. It all comes down to the incredible value proposition of this lock, which stems from its unwavering quality. 

The full metal construction is sturdy enough to prevent most theft. The steel shackle, in particular, can take quite the beating before showing any signs of wear and tear. Another brilliant aspect of this padlock is its size. It’s large enough to secure important stuff, while also being small enough to fit in your hands. 


  • Great value for the cost
  • Strong enough to hold off breaking attempts
  • Durable in direct sunlight or rain


  • Number disks can be hard to roll
Brinks Padlock

Brinks padlock – Most unique

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Most padlocks follow the same design, a heavy base with a locking mechanism and a U-shaped shackle on top. This Brinks padlock, on the other hand, tries something new. It utilizes the power of discs and circles to make an option that is both unique-looking and tough to break. Trying to cut its shackle (often a weak point) won’t work due to its much shorter length. Even the mechanism governing the 4-digit combination is different from the norm. 

As for the performance and durability of this lock, they are just as impressive as any standard design. Brute-force attacks and lock cheating attempts won’t have much chance of succeeding. All you have to do is set your passcode and feel safer knowing that your items are secure. 


  • Long-lasting stainless steel body and shackle
  • Strong against picking attempts
  • Nearly impossible to cut shackle


  • May not be suitable for all items
Master Lock Padlock

Master Lock padlock – Most secure

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The Master Lock padlock is one of the toughest and most secure options on our list. It’s made out of Boron Carbide, which is also used to craft tank armor, so you know it’s strong. Trying to get through it with force won’t go well for the intruder. The locking mechanism also provides unmatched security resides as this is a key-operated lock.

Not only does it open using a key, but the key itself has added security as well. The keyway is resistant against most picking attempts, so using quick and dirty processes like raking is completely out of the question. 


  • Resistant to lock-picking attempts 
  • Strong, nearly indestructible material 
  • Just the right size for most situations


  • Comes with only one spare key

best padlocks 2024

Buying guide: padlocks

Buying a padlock is a much bigger decision than you might realize at first. Just think about everything that will be under the protection of this one lock. Luckily, you won’t have to waste time trying to find the right lock, as this guide will show you a direct route to optimal padlocks.

Consider your purposes

Before you even think about looking up padlocks within your budget range, think about what you need the padlock for in the first place. Do you need it to lock your bike? Or are you going on a trip and need the lock for your luggage? Figuring out your exact use case will narrow down the available options drastically, helping you choose the right padlock in less time.

For example, say you need the lock for your bike. In this situation, a 4-digit combination lock works just fine. It should also have a long enough shackle to hold two ends of the chain that’s tying your bike in place. This is just one example of the countless uses for padlocks, and the ideal choices vary depending on your answer.

Materials and build quality

Now that you’ve narrowed down the available padlock list to the ones that suit your situation, it’s time to remove the low-quality and weak ones as well. Remember, no matter how inexpensive the item being secured is, if you’re going to buy a padlock, buy a high-quality one.

First and foremost is the material used in its construction. The minimum here is a steel shackle paired with a zinc alloy main housing. This combo can stave off most basic brute-force attacks with ease, but it is not the strongest and can shatter with repeated hits in the same spot.

The upgraded version of this is an all-carbon steel padlock where both the shell and shackle are made from the same tough material. The only downside of this approach is the higher cost and padlock weight, but the security is top-notch.

The last choice is an ultra-durable material like Boron Carbide, which is used to create armor for tanks. If you invest in a lock made with this material, make sure its locking mechanism is just as indestructible.

Locking mechanisms

There are two key locking mechanisms when it comes to padlocks: key operated and combination lock. They both have their pros and cons, and the choice between them is up to you.

Key operated

This is the more familiar kind of padlock that opens by inserting the correct key and twisting it clockwise. You might be able to insert some wrong keys, but they will not twist and release the shackle. The biggest benefit of this choice is the speed and security. As long as you have the key, the only way to get through that lock would be with the help of an expert lock picker.

Even then, the process can take a long time, and many modern locks have protection against classic picking methods. On the other hand, if you lost the key and someone got hold of it, they would have full control over the lock.

Combination lock

The term combination lock, in this case, is more about 4-digit rotary locks rather than exquisite safe locks. These allow you to choose a number between 0000 and 9999 as your key. As long as the discs are jumbled up, the lock will not open. Rotate them to the correct number, and it unlocks automatically. There is also no physical key to lose for these.

The only issue that can arise is that 4-digit combination padlocks are usually meant for more casual and temporary security like luggage. Anything more substantial, like a house, shop, or any other property works better with key-operated locks.

Common questions about padlocks

Q: How many keys come with each padlock?

A: If it’s a key-operated padlock, then usually two or three keys are bundled with the lock.

Q: How secure are quality padlocks?

A: For everyday use, quality padlocks are pretty much invincible. They can withstand both forceful attacks and lock-picking attacks with ease.

Q: Is it okay to use padlocks outside?

A: Yes. Modern padlocks come with features like water resistance that prevents the damage caused by the elements of nature. These padlocks function just as well outside as they do when installed inside.

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