The best deer repellents

It’s discouraging to check on healthy plants and shrubs each morning and discover that deer have eaten away a good portion of them. To avoid that disappointment, apply an effective deer repellent.

The best deer repellents are highly concentrated, easy to apply, and greatly effective. Consider these repellents when deer overrun your favorite plants and shrubs.

Orbit Yard Enforcer Sprinkler

Best overall

A humane method of repelling deer — one that uses a harmless spray of water to do so — is perhaps the best option. The Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer motion-activated sprinkler can repel deer that way. It features day and night detection modes, and is designed to only activate when needed.

Deer Out Deer Repellent

Best eco-friendly deer repellent

Want to protect shrubbery and protect the environment at the same time? Then, Deer Out’s 32-ounce concentrate deer repellent is a solid choice. It’s produced from natural ingredients, is safe for humans, and is eco-friendly.

Bobbex Deer Repellent

Best deer repellent spray

A spray bottle typically is an easy way to apply deer repellent. So what’s a high-ranking choice in that regard? Check out the Bobbex ready-to-Use Deterrent Spray, which can be applied directly on the surface of foliage and is long-lasting. The liquid deterrent is environmentally compatible and designed to be harmless to humans and wildlife.

Whether you’re seeking a deer repellent that’s highly effective, environmentally friendly, or easy to use, these options are sure to meet at least one of those objectives.

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