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The best yellow jacket traps

Keep your family safe and prevent painful attacks with one of the yellow jacket traps we have compiled for you. Try to identify if you have a lone attacker or if there is a nest already built. Setting up your traps near will be the most effective, but it must be done with care and protective gear to prevent getting stung.

One of the biggest dangers of this type of flying insect is the fact that they have a smooth stinger that enables them to attack multiple times, unlike bees that will only sting once. For most of us, a sting will be fine, but for anyone with an allergy, an attack can prove deadly. They eat most of the trash we create, so they are bound to appear when the weather warms up.

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RESCUE Trapstik

Best overall

The RESCUE Trapstik is one of the top solutions for your flying-pests problems. The new design includes bird guards to only capture the pests you are targeting. Very effective at capturing queen yellow jackets, a must to eradicate any established colonies without the risk of returning.

RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Trap

Best reusable

Protect your home from yellow jackets in multiple seasons with the RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Trap. It’s the perfect option to catch the queen in the spring, before they start nesting. And it continues to kill the workers during the summer and all the way into fall. Includes a two-week attractant that will draw out the pests quickly.

RESCUE Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

Best disposable

If you are looking for quick and easy protection during a picnic or camping trip, the RESCUE Disposable Yellowjacket Trap is the way to go. Just add water, hang 20 feet away from your desired area and lure the insects into the bag. With its powerful attractant, it will work for several weeks, and it’s super easy to dispose of. Just throw into the garbage, and you are all done.

Free your property from the threat of yellow jackets during any season with our well-vetted selection of traps. Remember to cover your arms, legs, and head when getting near any colony, and do not attempt to break or remove a nest on your own.

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