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Close-up of green grass with trees in the background

The quintessential guide to lawn fertilization for thick, healthy grass

Want to have a pristine yard with lush, green grass? This is everything you need to know about lawn fertilization for the best possible curb appeal.

This cheap, easy hack for fruit and vegetable gardens will save your harvest

If you’ve ever tended to your garden to discover your newly ripened strawberry bush had been ravaged by an invading flock of birds, this garden hack is for you.
Alarm clock on a table with flowers

The best outdoor clocks for keeping tabs on the time

Make it easier to tell the time outdoors with one of these decorative options.
Pool filter

Tired of dirty pool water? These are the best pool filter cartridges for cleaner swimming water

Cartridge pool filters let you enjoy the best of both worlds. They clean better than sand filters and don’t require as much maintenance. Check out our list!
Pool chlorinator

The best pool chlorine floaters for continuous cleaning

Use an automatic chlorine floater to help keep your pool in top shape even when you aren't home. Here is a list we have compiled of top picks available online.
Blue oat grass

This low-maintenance, attractive ornamental grass adds instant curb appeal

Blue oat grass is the easy, beautiful ornamental grass your landscaping needs.
woman smiling while seated outdoors

DIY advice: Should you build a raised patio on your own?

Looking for DIY tips about building a raised patio on your own? It's not as hard as you may expect, so long as you know the basics. This guide has you covered.
how to clean pool tiles

Get rid of gross buildup: How to clean pool tiles for summer swimming

This is how to clean pool tiles so guests (and you) will actually want to go in your pool.
how to repair wide cracks in concrete shutterstock 505982602

DIY 101: Repair concrete gaps and instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal

Concrete gaps aren't just unsightly — they're a serious tripping hazard. Here's how to fill large gaps in concrete (and small ones, too).
Woman swinging in a hammock on a patio

The one feature every backyard or balcony should definitely have

If you don't know how to hang a hammock, it's time to learn. It'll totally elevate your outdoor space.
evening with string lights on patio

Year-round lighting: The best all-weather outdoor string lights we’ve seen yet

The warm glow of all-weather outdoor string lights creates a charming mood. Create a relaxing haven in your own home for all seasons.
Corner bench seating on patio

The ultimate guide to midcentury modern patio furniture

Midcentury modern is a favorite design aesthetic for a reason. Here's what you need to know about midcentury modern patio furniture.
outdoor light timer benefits a tiny house with large glass windows  sits in the backyard at night surrounded by trees and par

4 outstanding benefits of setting up outdoor light timers

Thinking about getting outdoor light timers? This is why you need them.
cozy small balcony ideas dining area

5 easy ways you can transform a balcony from small to cozy and intimate

We've come up with five cozy small balcony ideas to get your creative juices flowing. They work on balconies of every size, and they won't break the bank.
how to fix patchy grass shutterstock 1902434023

Eyesore alert: How to fix patchy grass for a lush green lawn

Don't let patchy grass get you down. Use this guide to get a breathtaking lawn everyone will envy.
happiest home design styles scandinavian styled dining room and open plan kitchen with patio

10 creative ways to blend your indoor and outdoor home decor for a gorgeous aesthetic

As we spend more time outside, blending indoor and outdoor decor is essential to a cohesive design.
Hand painting wood paneling outdoors

How to paint the exterior of your house so it looks like you hired a pro

Follow these tips to paint the exterior of your home.
wood stamped concrete pros and cons

Concrete stained to look like wood is super trendy — but Reddit has thoughts

Wood-stamped concrete is one way to spruce up your tired concrete patio, but like all options, it has its pros and cons.
how to fix a yard that holds water shutterstock 1936658137

10 effective ways to get rid of standing water in your yard

Don't let your yard get soggy with every rainfall. This is what you need to do to eliminate standing water and have a healthy yard.
Small child jumping on a trampoline with mountains in the background

Built-in trampolines: Tons of fun for kids or total waste of money?

Your kids love trampolines, but should you invest in a built-in trampoline? Consider these factors first.
how to take care of a rooftop garden woman watering her

A rooftop garden is the summer oasis you need: Your ultimate care guide

Rooftop gardens can be attractive, healing, tranquil spots. This is what you need to know before you start one.
cement block retaining wall with vining plants

How to build a retaining wall for a gorgeous backyard design

Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These are the do's and don'ts for creating a fantastic space. Learn how to build a retaining wall.
Evening outdoor backyard patio setup

These are the best outdoor furniture stores for every style and budget

Want to upgrade your outdoor furniture? Check out this list of amazing outdoor furniture stores.
Wooden gazebo surrounded by flowers and trees

How to build a gazebo: 5 free plans to create the ultimate backyard retreat

A gazebo can be the perfect addition to your yard. Try these easy ideas to build a gazebo.
how to plant flowers shutterstock 57091351

How to plant flowers in 6 simple steps for a vibrant, colorful garden

If you're new to gardening, this is the only guide you'll ever need for how to plant flowers.
Deck with railing overlooking woods

Get ready for backyard get-togethers: Expert advice to build the perfect deck

A backyard deck elevates your space and is the perfect spot for entertaining. Follow this expert advice.
how to clean concrete shutterstock 719378830

Give your outdoor space an easy makeover: How to clean concrete

This spring, revive your driveway and patio by cleaning your concrete.
roof replacement guide shutterstock 1844186038

10 essential things the experts say you should know about replacing a roof

We talked to the experts and found out everything you need to know about roof replacement.
Cream-colored suburban home with for sale sign

You’ll sell your house fast if it has one of these 10 design features

Want to sell your house fast? These home design features have been proven to help sales go more quickly.
Friends watching a video outdoors using a projector

These are the weirdest (and coolest) smart home tech products you can get

Looking to embrace the smart home life? These super quirky tech ideas will get you excited.
wood stain in can with brush on wood decking

The incredible wood stains for your deck experts say will have staying power

A new wood stain on your deck can help you achieve a refreshed look. To gain an idea of what wood stains are becoming more prominent, we spoke to the experts.
modern landscaped home

Extend your midcentury modern aesthetic to your yard with these phenomenal ideas

Midcentury modern backyards should be equally inspiring, and there are plenty of ways to showcase that functionality and simplicity.
how to install outdoor lighting shutterstock 487132054

Brighten up your walkway with landscape lighting: What you need to know

Add some curb appeal — and safety measures — with outdoor lighting. Here's what you should know.
People in outdoor patio with fire pit

The backyard feature with a ridiculously high ROI you’ll absolutely love

Both your family and potential future homebuyers will adore this backyard feature, as long as you do it right.
Red house with for sale sign in the front yard

12 new home must-haves buyers have proven they’ll pay more for

Homebuyers are willing to spend up to 3.7% more on a house for these amazing home features.
Father and daughter painting exterior of house

8 simple, creative ways to add curb appeal to a flat-front house

Does your flat-front house feel lifeless and boring? Give the exterior of your home some visual interest with these great ideas.
the best decorative fence screens for your yard screen

How to build a wood fence (and save a ton of money in the process)

This is how much a new wood fence will really cost you — and how to get the job done yourself.
Man building a deck.

How much does it cost to build a deck? More than you think

Building a deck in your yard is a great way to create outdoor living space. Before you begin, make sure you budget correctly.
outdoor patio with brick wall and plants

The hottest backyard design trends for summer 2022, according to experts

Landscape designers say these are the most popular ways to design your backyard this year.
Two women planning a kitchen renovation

Home ‘improvement’ projects real estate experts say are actually terrible

There are some home remodeling projects the experts say are a waste of time (and some that hurt the value of your home). Here's what to avoid.
Brick doorways painted with pastels

This is how much it really costs to paint a whole house

Find out how much it'll cost you to paint the exterior of your home — and some handy ways to save.
Gray-blue house exterior

Need a new color scheme for your house? Try these top-rated exterior hues

We absolutely adore these color schemes for houses. Yours will be the best looking on the block.
home remodeling projects shutterstock 557515918

These are the home remodeling projects that will add value to your house

According to Zillow and Realm, these are the most popular home improvement projects — and the ones that will add value.
glass globe feature in modern kitchen

The case for midcentury modern lighting: How to add it anywhere (or everywhere)

Midcentury modern lighting is a great way to add depth to any design scheme. Try these ideas.

Add instant curb appeal to your home with these 5 popular front door colors

There are so many color choices when it comes to your exterior door. These popular front door colors will instantly give your front facade a much-needed boost.
Cozy winter porch bench and decor

How to turn your porch into a winter wonderland (no real snow necessary)

Make your front yard feel magical with these winter yard decor ideas.
home fitness or gym group of young friends people doing exercises in

Is home fitness killing the gym industry?

Are home gyms here to stay or will you be back at your gym?
Festive wood trees and reindeer decor against a blue background.

Add charm to your Christmas and winter decor: How to make 3D wood trees

3D wood trees are the perfect winter decor and easy to DIY. Here's how.
Outdoor propane gas fire pit with fall flowers and drinks

A fire pit is a great Black Friday buy (even if it’s freezing where you live)

Fire pits are a great addition to any yard. But are they a good Black Friday buy?
child on couch – Christmas tree

Where to find the hottest Christmas decorations right now

We love shopping for Christmas decorations from these stores.