The best outdoor clocks for keeping tabs on the time

If an outdoor clock suits your active lifestyle, then you need a clock that can remain active for a long time. Consider these clocks as good candidates for durability and longevity.

An outdoor clock can be as functional as it is ornamental. A waterproof and easy-to-maintain outdoor clock is vital to weather the elements. Let’s take a look at these curated outdoor clock options.

SkyNature Outdoor Clock

Best outdoor clock overall

A solid overall option is the SkyNature Outdoor Clock that features an 18-inch face, is waterproof, and provides temperature and humidity readings. Designed to be hung outdoors since it’s UV- and weather-resistant, the clock also can be used indoors in a den, living room or office.

Lilyshome Faux-Slate Outdoor Wall Clock

Best looking outdoor clock

An attractive outdoor clock is always a good option, and a good looking one is the Lilyshome Faux-Slate Outdoor Wall Clock. Featuring a thermometer and hygrometer, the clock can gauge temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smilemary Retro Outdoor Clock

Best budget outdoor clock

When an outdoor clock needs to fit into a tight budget, consider an affordable clock offered by Smilemary. The economical outdoor clock features a retro frame with bright silver bezel, ivory white dial face and large black numbers.

From sturdy to attractive to accurate and affordable, these outdoor clocks can hit on many of the qualities you’re seeking. Make it easier to tell the time outdoors with one of these functional and decorative options.

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