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10 creative pumpkin carving ideas no one on in your neighborhood will have

Carving pumpkins is a long-standing Halloween tradition that’s adored by adults and kids alike. If you want to have the best-carved pumpkins on the block, we’ve got you covered. With designs that are stylish, themed, and even dual purpose, we’ve got ten unique pumpkin carving ideas that will have your neighbors swooning.

A orange pumpkin sits atop a light wooden surface covered by fairy lights and lit from within

Pumpkin carving: Movie and character designs

When your neighbors see these lovable characters and signature designs from beloved movies, you’ll get all the compliments from adults and kids alike.

Mike Wazowski

Since the lovable Monsters, Inc. character already resembles the shape of a pumpkin, you basically just need to carve out his face with his distinctive single eye. Those trick-or-treaters will love seeing their favorite round monster on your porch and you’ll probably hear his name called out with the same adorable chants we heard from Boo in the beloved movie. Need a tutorial? We’ve got you covered.

Death Star

The ominous starship weapon of the dark side is easily recognizable due to its circular shape, its round crater-shaped gun, and its ripped and damaged section on the upper right side. Star Wars fans of all ages will love seeing this signature relic from the films that are beloved throughout the generations. Check out this outline on how to cut out a Death Star pumpkin.


A silhouette of the iconic Peter Pan character is easily recognizable on a pumpkin, especially when it’s surrounded by tiny dots that represent floating pixie dust. When the shape is backlit by a candle or lantern, Tinkerbell comes to life as that signature bright and luminescent fairy we all know so well.

Harry Potter

Making Harry Potter out of a pumpkin can be done in a couple of different ways. The simplest way is to paint his iconic features onto the pumpkin and wrap a striped scarf around the base of the pumpkin. You can also carve out his eyes, glasses, and his scar to let the light from inside the pumpkin shine through his primary features.

Pumpkin carving: Stylish designs

If you’re looking for a bit more sophistication in the designs of your porch pumpkins, we’ve got some designs that are fit for a fall magazine cover.

Polka-dot pumpkin

Carving polka-dots into a pumpkin is super easy and creates a cute, classic look that’s beautifully backlit by the light you put inside your pumpkin. You can add your own flair to your polka-dot pumpkin by painting it any color you’d like or decorating it with ribbons, glitter, or bows to give a splash of color or sparkle.

Chevron pumpkin

The chevron design is popular since it’s both simple and chic. You can paint on the chevron pattern or you can carve it out on the pumpkin. If you do carve it, be sure you don’t cut all the way through the pumpkin since cutting out the design won’t hold the structure of the pumpkin together. Instead, just scrape the design into the pumpkin, taking off a thin layer of the skin.

Ivy-covered pumpkin

A beautiful, yet somehow spooky design, ivy always gives off an elegant, antique feel that harkens back to the Victorian age. Carving or painting vines onto your pumpkin is stylish while adding a bit of Halloween-inspired flare to your porch pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving ideas: Useful designs

While you want your pumpkin decorations to be visually appealing, there’s nothing that says your carving creations can’t also be useful. Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor Halloween party, these useful designs for your carved pumpkins will be dual purpose for both decor and function.

Repurposed pumpkin vase

There’s nothing like some fall-colored flowers to really spice up your space for autumn. To really hike up the fall theme, use a pumpkin as a vase. Cut off the stem of your pumpkin, leaving a large enough hole at the top for a bouquet to go in. Empty out the seeds and flesh of the pumpkin and fill it directly with water to act as a vase for your fall flowers.

Repurposed pumpkin ice bucket

A large to medium-sized pumpkin is the perfect size for chilling a bottle of champagne. Simply cut off the top of the pumpkin to create a hole big enough to loosely fit a bottle. Empty out the seeds and flesh, then fill the pumpkin with ice before sticking in your favorite champagne a little while before popping the cork.

Hanging pumpkin lantern

If you want your porch to be illuminated for those trick-or-treaters when they come by, you can use your pumpkins in a way that makes them into lanterns. Carve out the pumpkin in any design you’d like and suspend it from the porch ceiling.

Carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and it marks the height of fall and Halloween festivities. If you’re looking for some unique inspiration for this year’s pumpkin decorating sessions, one of the options on our list of ideas is sure to turn heads. Get inspired and spruce up your porch or your Halloween party decor this year.

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