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How to paint a ceiling without also painting yourself

Painting a ceiling can be a messy job. Here's how to do it right.
man and woman painting a room

Remedy your painting mistakes with these 4 quick and easy fixes

Does your paint job look like an amateur did it? Fix these common painting mistakes in a few simple steps.
Can of black paint with a paintbrush

What is the best black paint for furniture? How to DIY a luxe, elegant look

Black furniture makes a statement. This is the best black paint for your next DIY project.
exposed red brick wall in living room with large windows

The best wall paint colors to make your vibrant exposed red brick pop

Exposed red brick is a fantastic design feature. These wall colors go wonderfully with it.
how to paint bathroom cabinets vanity

This one change will transform your bathroom (for the cost of a can of paint)

Bathroom cabinet colors can totally transform your space. This is what you should know.
Wife and husband painting a wall

Painting 101: The best wall-painting techniques everyone should know

Here are great DIY wall-painting techniques, tips, and tricks that are sure to make the process more efficient, fun, and effective.
Father and daughter painting exterior of house

8 simple, creative ways to add curb appeal to a flat-front house

Does your flat-front house feel lifeless and boring? Give the exterior of your home some visual interest with these great ideas.
how to remove popcorn ceiling shutterstock 25026505

Get rid of your ugly popcorn ceilings in 5 easy steps

Popcorn ceilings are one retro trend no one likes. Here's how to get rid of your popcorn ceilings.
Person looking at paint swatches.

Don’t make these 5 dumb mistakes when picking paint colors for your home

Choose the best hue for your home — don't make these silly mistakes.
Brick doorways painted with pastels

This is how much it really costs to paint a whole house

Find out how much it'll cost you to paint the exterior of your home — and some handy ways to save.
how to get paint out of clothes shutterstock 1760450252

How to get paint out of clothes and save your wardrobe

You wore old clothes and were as careful as possible, but still got paint all over. Here's how to get paint out of your clothes.
Woman painting chair yellow on deck outside.

These incredible furniture paint colors will totally refresh your home

Want to redo your home without a total renovation? These are the best furniture paint colors for a whole new look.
painting ideas for small rooms shutterstock 1342102307

3 clever painting hacks to make a small room look huge (no matter the color)

We all know the advice to go light and bright when choosing paint colors for small rooms. But these clever hacks make a space feel huge regardless of the hue.
Gray-blue house exterior

Need a new color scheme for your house? Try these top-rated exterior hues

We absolutely adore these color schemes for houses. Yours will be the best looking on the block.
how much paint do i need shutterstock 425530825

This is how much paint you will actually need for your next DIY project

Planning a DIY project? This is how much paint you need to get.
how to make chalked paint shutterstock 1742397383

This is the easiest way to make your own chalk paint

Chalk paint can be a fantastic way to decorate your furniture, but it can be expensive. This is how to make your own.
best paint for cabinets shutterstock 1784492126

This is the absolute best paint for your DIY cabinet project

Want to paint your cabinets so the color will be long lasting? This is the paint you should use.

Add instant curb appeal to your home with these 5 popular front door colors

There are so many color choices when it comes to your exterior door. These popular front door colors will instantly give your front facade a much-needed boost.
Blue paint samples on a white wall

This is the right way to test paint colors before you commit to a whole room

Paint swatches won't give you the true idea of how paint will look in a room. This is what you have to do before you paint.

Research says these 2 interior paint colors will make you happier

Need a mood lift? These home design colors will make you happy.
Green living room with gold accent pieces

These captivating colors will dominate home design in 2022

Looking to change up your interior space? These trending colors are fresh, inviting, and fun.
refresh brick fireplace white resized

Your handy guide for painting a brick fireplace so it doesn’t turn out awful

This is the DIYers guide to painting brick fireplaces.
Staining a wooden chair

How to paint wood furniture: A primer on painting

This is the guide you need for painting wood furniture like a pro.
Exterior of light yellow house.

Is your home exterior dated? How to modernize it with traditional paint colors

When it comes to the outside of your house, timeless colors always work. We love these.
gray kitchen island

Can you paint kitchen countertops? How to get that marble look on a budget

Want to give your kitchen countertops a facelift? Find out whether painting is an option for you.
red classic car in garage

Epoxy paint for concrete is the easiest (and best) upgrade for your garage

If your garage floor has stains and always looks dirty, painting it can make it look clean and fresh. Follow these simple steps to transform your garage.
House with vinyl siding and brick in winter

How to paint vinyl siding and give your home some much-needed curb appeal

Want to give your home a little more curb appeal? This is how to paint vinyl siding.
Small blue paint can with paint brush set on top.

How to paint over wallpaper without making the room look worse

Painting over wallpaper is an easy way to refresh a room without the tedious process of removing wallpaper. Here’s how to do it.
paint can-bowl-brush

How to dispose of old paint, protect the environment, and help others

What do you do with old paint? You can’t just throw it away. We’ve got some great advice for upcycling paint you no longer need.
how to paint bathroom cabinets vanity

How to minimize mess and stress when painting bathroom cabinets

Some excellent advice for painting bathroom cabinets instead of splurging on a remodel.
round modern kitchen table

How to paint or stain a kitchen table in one weekend

Instead of buying a new kitchen table, paint the one you have and give it a new lease on life.
White painted wood paneling on wall

How to paint paneling and avoid expensive renovations

Does your home have ugly paneling? Instead of tearing it down, paint it! Here's how.
how to paint kitchen cabinets painting

How to paint your kitchen cabinets in 9 simple steps

Upgrading cabinets can cost thousands of dollars. Refinishing and painting is far less expensive.
A galley kitchen with blue cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets: 8 simple steps

You heard it here first: Experts say this is the best way to paint kitchen cabinets
15563 the best red paints paint

Build your essential painting kit with these 7 products

These are the essential supplies every home painter needs
Closeup of hand painting kitchen cabinet

How temperature and humidity could affect your paint job (inside and out)

Here's how to know the best climates in which to paint indoors and out.
green living room

Choosing a living room wall color can be daunting — here are some suggestions

Selecting a wall color is no small feat, and it's important to pick the right hue. Here's how to make the choice easier.
Hand holding paint roller against white wall

How you should clean your walls before you paint

Washing your walls is the best way to prep them for paint. We list tried-and-true tips to get the job done right the first time.
Outside of home with vinyl siding

Should you paint your home’s vinyl siding?

If you're tired of your home's vinyl siding, you might be wondering if painting it is an option. We discuss the pros and cons of doing so.
burgundy living room

Best warm paint colors for a fall living room makeover

These warm paint colors are perfect for a fall living room makeover.
two people with paint on clothing

3 easy DIY painting projects for a weekend at home

If you want a simple weekend DIY project to revamp your home, try these three ideas.
Paint samples on a table

The best paint finish for your entryway

When you are choosing a paint finish for your home, it’s important to know what kind of use and abuse that room will endure.
chalkboard paint wall quarantine kids bedroomjpg

Why a chalkboard paint wall is your shelter-in-place dream come true

Need a solution to maintaining your sanity during lockdown? Look no further than this creative, fun idea the whole family can enjoy.
Dining room with red and pink walls with a wooden table

Will a bright dining room liven up your whole home?

Brightening up your dining room can help liven up your entire home. We have several effective ways to improve your space.
Three paint trayswith paint colors of red, green, and burgundy in them

The best types of house paint and primer for your new-look home

It's important to know the types of house paint and primers for a successful home makeover. We've got a few tips to get you started
A paint holder with roller and can

How to paint wooden floors white

A newly painted wood floor in white looks sleek, clean, and modern. We offer a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen.
Green chair in room with green walls and lamp

Green living — literally. Here are the freshest shades of green to paint your walls

When it comes to the walls in your home, freshest shades of green will liven them up. No matter which shade you choose, it will look great.
Well-organized garage with painted floor

3 easy and affordable ways to give your garage a makeover

Your garage is sometimes the forgotten part of a home. These simple makeover ideas can make your garage clean, fresh, and enjoyable
wall painting trends wall3

10 wall painting trends to make any home stand out

Want to make your interior pop? We've got ideas! Here are just a few of our favorite looks among today's hottest wall painting trends.
Wooden table being painted brown

Before you refinish your dining room table, consider painting it instead

When you paint your dining-room table, you’ll be able to highlight its natural shape with paint. Follow these tips to do it right.