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poke cake desserts strawberry slice

You can transform a boxed cake mix into a decadent dessert with this simple hack

We love this retro cake trend and your family will, too.
aop version 11 best kitchen rugs baby mother

7 foolproof ways to flatten a rug without waiting for it to settle

Just bought a new rug or taken an old one out of storage? Here's how to get it to actually lay flat.
Woman exercising using a smart mirror

Connected gym equipment is insanely expensive — is it worth the spend?

Find out whether connected gym equipment is a good investment.
woman using phone to control robot vacuum

Is a robot vacuum really worth spending $500?

Should you invest in a robot vacuum cleaner? We investigate.
family preparing for Christmas dinner

Should you host Christmas this year? What you need to know about COVID

Here's what you need to consider about hosting Christmas this year before you send out invites.
downsizing when you retire best retirement party decorations

Don’t screw up your golden years: What to know about downsizing when you retire

Thinking about moving to a smaller home now that you're retired? Read this first.
A fruit bowl with wine corks in it.

How drinking more wine can help you keep fruit flies away (really!)

Fruit flies are a menace. Here's how drinking wine can help you banish them from your home.
Bowls of delicious chicken tortilla soup and garnishes around the table.

This low-cal tortilla soup recipe is amazing (and ridiculously easy to make)

Who doesn't love a hearty soup? This recipe is flavorful and good for you.
man doing laundry

Laundry 101: A how-to guide even beginners can’t mess up

We tell you how to do your laundry — and avoid all those beginner mistakes.
photos on table

No more excuses for putting off that scrapbook: 5 tips for organizing photos

Looking for an easy way to organize photos? Try these tips.
package sitting on front porch by door

5 simple ways to stop ‘porch pirates’ from stealing your holiday purchases

Worried about your packages this holiday season? Here's how you can protect against porch pirates.
woman repotting plants

Are plants that clean the air a myth? Yes (but also no — it’s complicated)

We all want cleaner air, but can indoor plants really do the job?
how to make hanukkah doughnuts sufganiyot  traditional jewish donuts for copy space

How to make incredible Hanukkah doughnuts just like a pro baker

These Hanukkah doughnuts taste incredible (and your guests will think so, too).
woman sitting on white couch with a laptop

These items for your home are actually worth buying on Black Friday

These are the big-ticket items for your home you should actually wait for the holiday sales for.
fall decor for thanksgiving with pumpkins

These simple Thanksgiving decoration ideas won’t look like last-minute additions

If you've just decided to host Thanksgiving, you still have time to decorate your home.
Family eating Thanksgiving dinner with salad.

The dressing that will actually make you want salad this Thanksgiving

Salad doesn't have to be the sad, unwanted offering at your Thanksgiving table. And with this dressing, it won't be.
diy thanksgiving decorations little girl making art project

5 creative DIY Thanksgiving decorations so simple even kids can make them

These Thanksgiving decorations will add to your home decor — and are so easy, your kids can make them.
thanksgiving dinner table setup

Try these modern twists on your Grandma’s classic Thanksgiving sides

What should you serve with your Thanksgiving turkey? Try these modern spins on old favorites.
thanksgiving dinner wagyu beef vermont steak

There’s still time to get this show-stopping item for Thanksgiving dinner

Don't have a boring Thanksgiving dinner! Instead of turkey and ham, mix things up a bit with this show-stopping item that's almost guaranteed to please.
Mini fridge with skincare products inside.

Skincare fridges: Necessary beauty storage or a waste of space and money?

Find out whether a skincare fridge is really necessary.
Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.

3 kitchen gadgets that actually make Thanksgiving dinner harder to put together

These kitchen gadgets will actually make your Thanksgiving food prep harder.
baking bread

This easy dinner roll recipe will make you the star of Thanksgiving

Homemade dinner rolls are a Thanksgiving staple. These will become a family tradition.
decor for high style low budget thanksgiving table walmart october 2021  by rodnae productions pexels

6 stunning Thanksgiving table decor ideas everyone will compliment you on

Set the perfect Thanksgiving table with these fantastic decor ideas.
holiday guests guide greeting doorway

The overnight holiday guest guide to make your hosting duties easier

Make your home welcoming to overnight holiday guests with this comprehensive guide.
hosting thanksgiving during covid table

Hosting Thanksgiving during COVID-19: What you need to know

Should you host Thanksgiving dinner this year? Here's what you need to know.
how to host hanukkah celebration chocolate candy menorah

These are the foods and decor items every Hanukkah celebration needs

Follow this easy guide to host your first Hanukkah.
luxury design on a budget beautiful living room in new traditional style home  features

How to achieve a luxury look in your home (without going into debt)

Use these tips to design a luxury space without blowing your reno budget.
the best plant light bulbs aop grow bulb

5 best grow lights under $50 for your in-home greenhouse

These are the best grow lights you can get for your indoor planting needs.
white pumpkin on plate for dining table fall decor

Get Pinterest-worthy Thanksgiving table decor with these stunning ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table decor? We've got you covered.
two women using a laptop and credit card for online shopping

Save money on holiday shopping at Target, Walmart, & Amazon with this easy hack

Looking for ways to save money on holiday shopping? Here's an easy tip for getting a deal at the places you already shop at.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review

Review: The HydroPro Plus is pro-level sous vide anyone can (and should) buy

The HydroPro Plus is a top-end sous vide machine meant for professional kitchens -- but does it belong in yours? We put it through its paces to find out.
small wood house beside a coin jar to represent saving

Home ownership hasn’t been this unaffordable since 2008

Thinking about buying a home? Here's what you need to know about mortgage payments.
woman counting money next to notebook

10 money-saving life hacks your household needs this winter

These cheap life hacks could save your home a lot of money this winter.
child with balloons

Kids’ parties are stressful: 8 tips you need to survive the planning process

The essentials for a party are different when it comes to kids. Here's what you need to do.
kitchen tool essentials baking family

Our favorite kitchen goods site is having a huge sale right now

Get everything you need for a successful Thanksgiving with this amazing sale.
tips for hosting friendsgiving table setting hands

Try these Friendsgiving ideas for the perfect, stress-free event

Wow your friends with a fantastic Friendsgiving celebration. Here's how.
squash for vegetable gardens harvest winter box

6 delicious squash varieties you can actually grow indoors this winter

Don't want to give up your garden even when it's not growing weather? These different kinds of squash can be grown indoors.
wayfair sale gorgeous rugs shopaholic paradise

The safest ways to buy gifts at stores this holiday season

In-store or online? We discuss the best (and worst) ways to buy gifts this holiday season.
Small bowl of pumpkins seeds next to two pumpkins

Not sure what to do with your pumpkin after Halloween? 4 great ideas to try

Don't just toss your Halloween pumpkins. Try these great ideas to extend their life.
baked pie with lattice top

The 5 must-have tools for your fall pie baking projects

This is everything we use when making pie for dessert.
Discovery plus app on smart phone

Into home design? Get Discovery+ (don’t worry, we’ll explain why)

This is why you should binge on Discovery+ this weekend.
cleaning bathroom sink with spray and yellow gloves

The best natural cleaning products you can get at big box stores like Target

Eco-friendly cleaning products aren't that hard to find. These are the best you can get at your local big box store.
family-holidays-Christmas tree

The experts’ guide to decluttering your home before holidays guests arrive

Decluttering and organizing your house in the fall can help you feel less stressed around the holidays. Do it in stages so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
crockpot three ingredients beef stew red

Super easy 3-ingredient crockpot recipes that are insanely delicious

Crockpots are great all year round, but especially in fall. Try these easy recipes.
Asian kid going trick-or-treating

Stay safe this Halloween: The ultimate guide for trick-or-treating during COVID

If you're worried about going trick-or-treating this year, this is how to do it safely.
breville control freak on sale deep fry

Our favorite premium kitchen gadget is on a deep discount (but there’s a catch)

The uber-expensive Breville Control freak is on sale right now – but there's a catch. We love this multi-tasker, but should you buy one?
stop making expensive home mistakes fruits vegetables fresh produce

Ugly produce boxes vs. grocery stores: Where you really save money

What's the best way for you to buy produce? We evaluate the options.
smoker cooking ideas closed

5 things to cook while your smoker is at 240 degrees

Use your smoker to cook these amazing dinner ideas.
budget party planning people snacks drinks

How to throw a party on a budget — and have it still be a hit

You don't have to spend an outrageous amount to plan a great party. These hacks will help you do it on a budget.
Real estate agent handing key to a buyer

What does the home buying experience look like post COVID?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work and live and has led to significant changes in the housing market that may be here to stay.