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These easy, healthy breakfast recipes come together in 10 minutes

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you believe this or not, breakfast foods can be healthy, quick, and delicious any time. If you’ve been wondering what to cook in the morning or what the healthiest thing to eat for breakfast is, we’ve got you covered. What’s best to eat for breakfast to lose weight? We have that answer, too.

A healthy and quick breakfast meal is an excellent way to start your day, whether you’re heading out the door or need a mid-morning pick-me-up. Check out some of our favorite healthy breakfast recipes below.

Poached egg and avocado on toast

Avocado is healthy and full of good fats, eggs are packed with protein, and toast gives you grains and carbs — all great things to kick-start your day. This recipe from also includes a side of heirloom tomatoes. This simple dish is exceptionally healthy and comes together in right around 10 minutes.

Don’t worry if you’re not into eggs; leave them off, and you have a well-rounded vegetarian dish. And if tomatoes aren’t in season where you are, feel free to sub in another vegetable like sauteed butternut squash to round out the meal.

Granola with fruit and milk in bowl.
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Dairy-free banana yogurt

If you need a dairy-free breakfast option but still crave yogurt or something sweet and silky in the morning, this three-ingredient recipe from is for you. The recipe uses chia seeds, which contain healthy antioxidants and are high in fiber. They’re also good for your heart and overall health, and can reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Chia seeds naturally turn gelatinous when soaked in liquids — in this case, the almond milk — so the result is a creamy and sweet breakfast that you can top with granola or fruit. If you’re not a huge banana fan, stir in some honey or another fruit puree.

Blueberry flax overnight oats

Overnight oats are an excellent breakfast choice if you’re too busy in the morning to make breakfast. Complete the simple prep the night before, and you can rest easy knowing you have a healthy breakfast waiting for you in the morning. Blueberries and flax seed round out the nutritious bits of these oats, and the flavor from the vanilla and brown sugar make you feel like you’re cheating in the healthy department. One of the best parts about this recipe from is that you can mix and match fruits and sweeteners (think bananas and honey) to keep it fresh.

Avacado egg toast with tomatoes.
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Gluten-free polenta

If you’re a runner and need something to warm you up and fill you up in the morning after a cold run, this breakfast is perfect. Even if you don’t run, this quick breakfast will give you something comforting and filled with protein and good carbs. The dish can be made sweet enough to satisfy a craving or turned into a savory brunch-style dish, yet it’s gluten-free and vegetarian. Great for a post-workout meal or even an evening snack, this recipe from can be tweaked to your taste and comes together in under 10 minutes.

No matter what your breakfast needs are, you should be able to pull off a healthy meal without too much stress. The recipes above are stress-free, flavorful, healthy, and fast. You’re sure to find one that suits your taste, especially because they are all customizable once you get the basic format down.

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