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A dark-tiled bathroom

14 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Want to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is? We've got 14 tips that will help make the space seem bigger.
man in home office

15 Tips for Creating the Most Productive Homework Space

Need a comfortable are to concentrate and get homework finished? Here's how to make your space work for you.
woman on mac

These 7 tricks made my tiny apartment feel 10 times bigger

How to make your tiny apartment feel much bigger with a few simple tricks.
bedside table decoration

How to furnish a guest bedroom your friends and family will rave about

Looking to wow guests when they stay the night? These handy tips will make sure everyone loves your guest space.
mix and match bedding materials

How a professional home stylist makes the perfect bed

How to get the perfect photo-shoot or hotel-style look, and what you need to accomplish it.
woman hanging plant

10 hanging planters to perk up any empty corner

Come enjoy our 10 favorite hanging planters, all ready to brighten up any dreary corner of your home
Hanging bookshelf

The best hanging bookshelves

Storage space at your home can become a tricky situation and hanging bookshelves provide a perfectly stylish solution for your storage needs.
things every tiny apartment needs storage lighting stealing cookies from the kitchen cabinet

8 things every tiny apartment needs

Three main things to survive a small space: strong organizational skills, a minimalist mindset, and lots of innovative storage and space-saving options.
Modern office with desk and chair

Ideas for stylish yet practical small-space home offices

Now that more people have work-from-home days or are part of the all-digital workforce, a home office is a must.
aop version 7 foldable thin mattress on wooden floor  slim white bed ground concept allergy in room

The best folding mattresses for quick and easy accommodations on the fly

If you think portable mattresses are unpleasant and cannot provide a good night’s sleep, think again. A folding mattress is the perfect furnishing to enjoy the comfort of a plush bed with the convenience of a compact mat. Take a look at our favorites and discover cozy sleeping solutions.
aop version 15 best white desk macbook

The best white desks for a calming, zen-like workspace

White is a popular desk color for its neutral and Zen qualities. White can make small rooms appear more spacious, clean and modern. We have created a list of the best white desks in a variety of models and purposes for you to choose one that fits your space and personal style.
the best storage hooks for your garage or ceiling hanging coat

The best storage hooks for maximizing garage or entryway space

Organizing the garage is one of those housecleaning chores that just seems to elude the majority of us. Fortunately, we have a storage-organization hack to share with you. Keep your space neat and tidy by unlocking the storage space above you with some of the best storage hooks on the market.
aop version 8 hiker using laptop in car trunk during vacation

The best car mattresses for super versatile comfort on the fly

From hiking to swimming and exploring the wilderness, it’s no wonder campers are exhausted by the time the sun sets. With a comfortable car mattress, you can cozy up in the back of your car and take in the starry sky before dozing off. After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll be ready to do it all over again the next day.
aop version 13 best laptop desk man couch

The best laptop desks for a comfortable pop-up workspace anywhere in the house

Technology today allows us to work just about anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a laptop desk to get business going and connect with peers. With a laptop desk that supports your productivity, work will become a breeze no matter where life takes you.
aop version 2 male graphic designer working on laptop at desk

The best budget standing desk converters for improving your health while you work

Most people who work on a computer are aware of the many benefits of standing desks. However, many still believe that standing desks are unaffordable. We have put together a list of the best standing desk risers to provide solutions that convert your current desk while keeping costs as low as possible.
Woman using laptop on bed

20 ways to maximize your small bedroom

Use these tips and tricks to maximize not only your storage space, but to provide a cohesive feeling to your room, and declutter even if you don't feel like it.
best glass food storage containers lids stackable pyrex salad on table

The best glass food storage containers for durable, chemical-free sustenance stockpiling

Be nicer to the environment and say no to plastic. Be nicer to yourself and avoid toxic endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Be nicer to your wallet and start taking your lunch to work. Use the microwave to reheat and freeze food with confidence knowing your health is not at risk.
white desk in a modern loft

The best L-shaped desks for saving space and maximizing work area

When you want to get more done in your workspace, an L-shaped desk is a great idea. L-shaped desks offer extra surface area while keeping your paperwork and belongings within arm's reach. If you do more than just work on the computer, L-shaped desks give you the space you need to do more than one thing at a time.
best underbed storage bins containers shoes dangling feet  1

The best underbed storage for maximizing unused space

When you’re trying to keep your home organized and every square inch of space matters, turning to under-bed storage is the most efficient solution for bulky items that don’t truly warrant closet space. With under-bed storage containers, you can safely put linens or seasonal items away and keep them protected.
best corner desks saving space desk black chair with

The best corner desks for maximizing your workspace

Everybody seems to need more space and yet there just isn’t enough. If you want to make the most of the space in your home office or at work, a corner desk is an excellent solution. Corner desks are specifically designed to fit into a corner, making them extremely useful for saving space.
how to decorate a rental indoor life portrait of young asian woman

How to decorate a rental

A rental isn't your property, but that doesn't mean you can't make it your home. Here's how to decorate your rental and make it your own.
best plants to purify the air full length of man kneeling while watering potted plant at home

The best plants to purify the air in your home

Whether we’re hard at work or lounging at home, shopping, dining out, or asleep, we spend the majority of our time inside, and are therefore exposed to various types of indoor air pollution.