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The home gym equipment everybody should own

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When you want to get in shape, but you don’t want to join a gym, it’s time to get busy on planning that private home gym. But what exactly should you buy for it? There are several excellent products you should consider, depending upon your space, budget, and preferences. Come check out a few of our favorites and see what works out for you:

The Reversible Big Mat

The popular Reversible Big Mat is the first piece you’ll need for your home gym, especially if you plan on doing yoga or other similar types of workouts. Created by Lululemon, the Reversible Big Mat completes your yoga routine by helping you hold your pose without slipping. It’s also thick enough to offer relief to your knees and elbows when pressed against hard floors.

Over-sized with a moisture-absorbing top layer, the Reversible Big Mat comes with two sides; one secures the mat to the floor and the other helps your hands and feet grip the mat. Made with a natural rubber base and mildew-preventing antimicrobial elements, this mat is easily cleaned with soap and water and simply hang out to dry. Get it for $80 at Lululemon; available in seven colors.

Feierdun Doorway Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar

Easy to install, this doorway pull-up bar is especially great for working the upper body — BUT — the bar can also be adjusted lower for tricep-dips, sit-ups, and a variety of other exercises. It’s made of stainless steel and can bear up to 440 pounds. 

Choose between two sizes offered on site depending upon your door frame–either 28.3”~36.2”(shorter) or 36.6”~45″(longer). Safe and suitable for most standard doorways.  Get one for $70 on Amazon.


Gold’s Gym Exercise Ball

Strengthen and sculpt your core when you use this simple, anti-burst exercise ball as part of your workout — or even just for sitting. Great for any fitness level, the Gold’s Gym exercise ball comes with an easy-to-use air pump and instructional chart to ease you into using it.

Choose your preference of either 55-centimeter or 65-centimeter dimensions — ideal for those from 5-feet 3-inches tall to 5-feet 10-inches tall with a maximum weight of 250-pounds. Comes with a 90-day warranty.


JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

Ease the pressure on your joints when you workout with this mini trampoline, durable enough for your in-home cardio session. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, the JumpSport 250 promises a 40% reduction in impact compared to traditional in-home mini trampolines. Resistant to tipping, this rebounder can handle up to 250 pounds.

Crafted to be nearly silent with each bounce, as well as able to withstand millions of bounces with its premium construction. Comes with a workout DVD and a free 60-day trial of online access to a workout library as well. Delivered almost completely assembled. Additional accessories sold separately.

Get it for $270 on Amazon today.


The Lynx Board

The Lynx Board easily provides a full body workout, replacing several exercises you’d traditionally need several machines to do, such as a rowing machine, ab wheel, and treadmill. It works the core muscle groups extensively along the way — and brings along the science to prove it.

Although you’ll be doing many of the same exercises you’d do on other machines, there is far less risk of injury on the Lynx Board. Great for traveling, as it’s easy to tuck away and bring with you just about anywhere! Here’s a library of videos you can enjoy demonstrating hundreds of exercises you can do with the Lynx Board. Weighing only 6.6 pounds, the Lynx Board is easily transported. Easily stashes behind the dresser or under the bed in the bedroom when you’re done working out.

Get your favorite Lynx for $310 or a Travel Lynx for $200 here.


The Peloton Bike

If you love cycling classes, consider trying out the Peloton bike sometime. You can stream daily live classes from their NYC studio, ride live with other Peloton members and interact (or filter them out), and easily navigate through an extensive array of 24-hour cycling classes to find your favorite workout.

You can also sign up to try their classes free for 30 days before you order the bike to see if you enjoy them. Scroll through their library of classes to find every type of workout and genre of music to keep your workout interesting!

Get the basic package and Peloton for $2,245, including home delivery here.


Like the Peloton but find it slightly out of your price range? Try an Echelon Connect EX1 with unlimited live classes for $840 here.

Hyfit Gear

Use Hyfit Gear for a complete, customized workout anytime, anywhere. This series of innovative resistance bands work with smart wrist and ankle sensors to track and store your workout info, calories burned, and other biometrics. AI provides feedback on your routine and allows for further fine-tuning of each future workout.

Choose from GEAR 1: $300

or GEAR X: $309


The Mirror

This unique system lets you watch yourself getting in shape with the figure in the mirror, matching their moves with yours as you complete workouts in yoga, boxing, cardio, and more. Using less than 2-feet across in wall space, the mirror can go up almost anywhere. Watch this video demo to get a glimpse. Track your workouts and get feedback from certified instructors. Choose from countless classes, on-demand workouts, live classes, and personal training options. Many classes use different types of equipment, so look for each kind if you enjoy kettle bells, resistance bands, etc.,or choose classes without equipment. Select music from curated playlists to keep you motivated the whole time.

The Mirror comes with white glove delivery to make sure you’re set up properly and ready to go. All you need to do is add yourself and your family/household members (up to 6) and connect through your devices. While the price is a bit steep, it’s a widely praised program and can be done anywhere privately. Get it for $1,500 and a monthly fee of $40 here.


We think these pieces should give you a good idea on where to start with your home gym and what types of workout you’ll want to do. Be sure to take it easy at first beginning any new exercise regimen, and drink plenty of water with every workout — especially as the warm weather approaches. And most importantly, enjoy your workout!

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