How much space do you really need for a home yoga studio?

Are you thinking of engaging in yoga, and now you’re considering the space you need to practice yoga in your home? Or, maybe you’ve been practicing yoga at a yoga studio, and now you’re considering setting up your home yoga studio. It’s also possible that you’ve been practicing yoga at home, but you haven’t been mindful of the space that is really required to get the most out of each session.

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a pro to reap many of its benefits. Yoga does not discriminate when it comes to age or size, either. You can be of any skill level, age, or body type to practice yoga. Yoga will give you the power to calm and strengthen your body, no matter who you are. Simply put, yoga is for everyone.

yoga studio at home
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Yoga is made up of various poses, such as child’s pose, downward-facing dog pose, plant pose, four-limbed staff pose, cobra pose, tree pose, triangle pose, seated half-spinal twist pose, bridge pose, and corpse pose, among others. To fully experience yoga, poses are combined with specific breathing techniques and meditation principles. Yoga is not just a physical workout, but a full body and mind exercise that keeps the back and joints healthy, improves overall posture, and strengthens muscles and balance. In order to perform these poses, equipment is required, such as blankets, straps, mats, and even chairs. To use these props and perform yoga poses, dedicated space is needed. Here’s how to create that space at home.

Space requirements for an at-home yoga studio 

The beauty of the at-home studio is that it can be set up anywhere, whether you have an extra bedroom, an underutilized space above the garage, or just one section of a room to spare. Whether you’re limited when it comes to square footage or you’ve got tons to play with, the space is ultimately defined by the vibe.

You need enough space for a yoga mat, plus the room you’ll need to get into (and switch between) poses. Always make sure you are a safe distance from any walls or furniture in case you lose your balance, especially if you’re into inversions. Sometimes headstands don’t go the way you planned!

Even a minimalist at-home yoga studio needs one essential thing: Enough space to practice in. This first step is a no-brainer. Depending on your home life, though, you may have additional space requirements. If you have roommates or family members who love yoga, you’ll need enough space to accommodate everyone who will be joining the yoga sessions.

yoga studio at home
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The standardized space for a yoga studio, whether it’s at home or in a yoga facility, is 21.5 square feet per participant. That means that if you and one other person will be doing yoga together at home, you’ll want a minimum of 43 square feet to practice in. If you have three people doing yoga together, you’ll need at least 64.5 square feet, and so on. Also, take into consideration where people will be standing. If one person is going to serve as the instructor, their space has to be in front of the other participants so they can face them and direct the session.

Having a personal yoga space in your home means you’re free to relax, sweat, or strengthen your yoga practice whenever you’d like. Ensuring you have enough space for your equipment and your routines, as well as any yoga buddies who will be practicing along with you, is a safe and convenient way to create your own studio. 

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