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Stylish, modern entryway wallpaper ideas you’ll love

The entryway may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about renovating, but it is often the first space visitors see. It offers the perfect location in your home to add impact for very little time and money. How can you make a serious impression in such a small space? The most effective way to make a statement is with wallpaper. From modern to traditional, your entryway can showcase your style and greet guests with a space that is as thought-about as any other in your home. Here, we explore how wallpaper can take your foyer from just a pass-through to game changing.

Why wallpaper?

entryway with mural wallpaper

A few years ago, home designs favored painted rooms dominated by muted gray tones. Today, there is a definite departure and designers are gravitating to bolder designs saturated in warm colors and prints. Wallpapers add an unmistakable warmth and depth. Since the entryway is the first and last place you see upon entering and returning home, it is the best place to start playing with wallpaper. From florals to geometrics, textured prints, and more, the possibilities are endless. It offers the opportunity to set the stage for the rest of your home. By selecting a wallpaper that works in colors from adjoining rooms, you can tie all the spaces together.

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Pattern play

I know what you’re thinking: A pattern in a small space? Won’t that overwhelm it? The answer is no. Forget what you may have heard about patterns being too much for small spaces or making them feel tight. It’s all in how it’s deployed. Choosing a pattern that is vertically orientated will draw the eye up and make the space feel taller. The key is to use it on every wall. Unlike a large space where a bold, repetitive pattern can feel a bit too much, a small one can take it. Geometric patterns are a great way to bring in something that feels classic yet with a modern edge. Don’t be afraid to use a bold and colorful pattern as long as it incorporates colors from the rest of your space. To break up the pattern, add an entryway mirror or some artwork that isn’t too busy.


Botanical and nature-inspired design is all the rage, and there is no better place to implement it than just as you step in from the outside. Bring the garden inside with an updated floral. This is not your grandma’s floral — from colorful and whimsical to muted monochrome, these days wallpapers come in a wide variety of updated selections. If flowers aren’t your thing, try a leaf or a tropical-inspired pattern. Another striking look that will transform your foyer into a serene forest is a wall mural. With prints that echo wooded landscapes, it is like walking into a serene sanctuary.

Raise the ceiling

geometric wallpaper with console table

Nothing makes a room feel taller than stripes from floor to ceiling. The long lines make any space feel larger. Typically used to extend the wall upward, stripes are often used in small spaces to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. A wide stripe exudes a classic feel. Thin stripes, although daintier, may feel busy in a small space. The beauty of any striped wallpaper is that it works well with other patterns and prints. For example, when it’s paired with an entryway bench cushion in a floral fabric. The key to making it work together is making sure both incorporate the same colors.

Temporary fix

Love the look of wallpaper but afraid to make the commitment? In addition to traditional papers, you can find a large selection of affordable peel-and-stick, removable designs. They come in a plethora of designs, and no one will be the wiser. This option is particularly attractive if you are a renter who wants to add your own personal style but are not allowed to make permanent changes to the space.

Adding wallpaper to your entryway is the perfect way to transform this often-forgotten space into a memorable one. It sets the tone for the rest of your abode and offers the first glimpse of your personal style. Make it something visitors will remember.

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