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Hygge & friluftsliv aren’t just marketing terms — they can better your life

Hygge and friluftsliv have both become marketing terms, but they're really supposed to be a lifestyle. We take a deep dive into the concepts.
can teslas raise property values charging station on the background of an electric car

How your neighbor’s cool new Tesla may raise your property value

So your neighbor just got a Tesla. It might affect your property value more than you think.
modern and open kitchen with large glass windows

What’s friluftsliv? The interior design trend that will change your life

What is friliuftsliv and what does it have to do with home design? Here's your easy guide.
do ev chargers add value to homes close up of woman charging electric vehicle with cable in

Does an EV charger add value to your home? What you should know

Thinking about getting an electric car? Here's what an EV charger will do for the value of your home.
a woman smells a pine scented real christmas tree

Fake vs. real Christmas trees: Which is the better buy?

Should you get a fake Christmas tree or a real one? We help you decide.
Small bowl of pumpkins seeds next to two pumpkins

Not sure what to do with your pumpkin after Halloween? 4 great ideas to try

Don't just toss your Halloween pumpkins. Try these great ideas to extend their life.
Himalayan salt lamp and plants on office desk

Your home office really needs a biophilic design makeover: We’ll explain why

There are many benefits of biophilic design for your office.
box with recyclable plastic bottles

Declutter your home sustainably with this smart online service

Here's how you can declutter some of those hard-to-recycle items.
Mirror and green plant on an entryway table

This incredible site shows you where to buy sustainable goods for your home

Check out this super easy way to find sustainabile home goods.
eco friendly packaging for food and groceries

The changes to sustainable packaging we need to make before it’s too late

Check out these predictions for sustainability policy.
pandemic related packaging waste packages outside home

How the pandemic has made packaging waste an even bigger problem

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online purchases skyrocketed, leading to concerns about the environmental impact of packaging waste.
Woman putting items into a compost container

Why you should start composting at home

You may be thinking about starting to compost at home. We explain why it's an excellent idea to begin composting.
reusable produce bags

Are reusable produce bags really worth it?

Are reusable produce bags worth investing in? According to a top environmental expert, the answer is yes.
A green vine climbs up and over a floor-length mirror, which reflects a bed.

The best indoor vines and climbers that are easy to grow

No matter the size of your green thumb, this article will show you how to cultivate healthy vines from the comfort of your own home.
sustainable fabrics metal basket with different light colored folded inside

The most sustainable fabrics we can purchase today

What are the most sustainable fabrics available in today's world? Our guide gives you the details of several sustainable fabrics.
make garden mulch

How to use core gardening techniques to reduce water usage year-round

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that's perfect for anyone - and you can enjoy your new green hobby with a few water saving techniques, too.
most interesting indoor vine plants for your home jasmine plant

The most interesting indoor vine plants for your home

So you really want to spruce up your home with some plants, but not just any old Boston fern? You're in the right spot - check these cool indoor vines out!
Woman cleaning while holding a spray bottle

All-natural ways to manage pests in and around your home

When insects or bugs invade your home, use our all-natural methods of pest control that are safe for your family.

The best garden carts for your backyard load-bearing tasks

Garden carts can be used to transport everything from heavy outdoor equipment to your family pet. Work smarter with one of the best garden carts on our list.
woman in garden wearing gloves

Container gardening for absolute beginners

It's easy to create a garden at home even if you're limited on space or don't have experience. Here's our guide to container gardening for absolute beginners.
best garden vegetables to grow tomatoes unplash elaine casap

Forget flowers: These are the 8 vegetables to grow in any garden

Some vegetables require the space of a big farm or the labor of a master of gardening, but these easy plants don't require special expertise or a lot of work!
the best collapsible metal straws reusable drinking straw and folding box

The best collapsible metal straws for green and efficient drinking

Add a collapsible metal straw to your must-have accessories and help the environment while you sip fashionably. Check out our curated list for the best ones.
the best bamboo toothbrush with charcoal and soft bristles eco friendly on wooden table

The best bamboo toothbrushes to keep your teeth and environment clean

Clean your teeth and live a green lifestyle with the use of bamboo toothbrushes. This eco-friendly solution is good for your oral health and the planet, too.
the best greenhouses that are small greenhouse in a garden

The best greenhouses to help nurture and protect your plants

Plants need to be protected from bugs and safeguarded from the cold or heat. Keep your plants safe and sound with this curated list of our favorite greenhouses.
best plant food for gardens working in a veg garden

The best garden stakes

Whether you are looking for plant support, a decorative light-up stake or a landscape staple, we’ve curated a list of the best garden stakes to help you choose.
best plant food for gardens playful grandmother and grandson in garden

The best plant food

The secret to a thriving garden and backyard lies in plant food. The best plant foods can make or break your garden, here are our top plant nutrition products.
best plant supports for your garden green moss

The best moss

Moss is a low-maintenance alternative to lawns. We curated a list of the top mosses to help you choose the best one for your plant, dish garden, or terrarium.
aop version 207 woman potting small fig tree

Best Plant Drip Trays for Your Potted Plants

A plant drip tray is a sensible investment for your indoor plants that need frequent watering. We’ve curated this list of the best plant saucers to guide you.
aop version 201 mid adult female environmentalist hanging potted plant on window in room at home

The best hanging planters to elevate your home decor

A hanging planter is an excellent way to green up and add flair to your home. We have put together a list of the most stylish yet practical options available.
Tiled floor with simple furniture and decor

The best flower pot holders

Give your greeneries some extra style with a plant stand that will enhance their appearance. With the flower pot holders on our list, you can easily decorate.
the best wooden spoons for eco friendly cooking spoon man blowing on

The best wooden spoons for eco-friendly cooking

Generation after generation, the wooden spoon has been quintessential cookware. This time-tested utensil offers many benefits and uses to your kitchen. They are incredibly versatile. The trusty wooden spoon is a must in every kitchen, and we curated a list of the very best of them just for you.
best succulent pots small mini planters on counter

The best succulent pots for eye-catching indoor plant displays

There are many types of pots to hold your succulent plants. The pots or planters can be made from terracotta — which is considered the most popular among succulent enthusiasts — as well as unglazed or glazed ceramic, porcelain, glass, concrete or wood.
Kids in the garden

10 tips for a stylish contemporary garden design

Today’s modern gardens keep it simple with no-fuss plants, straightforward designs, and a focus on  the natural and sustainable.
best plants to purify the air full length of man kneeling while watering potted plant at home

The best plants to purify the air in your home

Whether we’re hard at work or lounging at home, shopping, dining out, or asleep, we spend the majority of our time inside, and are therefore exposed to various types of indoor air pollution.