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Declutter your home sustainably with this smart online service

So, you’ve mastered the art of decluttering in your home and reorganized all of your belongings into keep, toss, and donate piles. For many people, the next step is to head to a local thrift store or electronics recycling facility to get rid of their things sustainably. But now, there’s an easier solution.

If you live in the Seattle, WA, or Portland, OR, regions, you may be able to sign up with Ridwell, an ethical service that is transforming the way you declutter and making it easier than ever to hand off those hard-to-recycle items.

box with recyclable plastic bottles

What is Ridwell?

Ridwell was founded by a father and son duo who scoured Seattle for a place to recycle dead batteries. Often, batteries and other old, unusable electronics cannot be placed in regular recycling bins. They need to go to specific facilities. Over time, they realized many of their neighbors also didn’t know how to recycle these items easily, so they started lending them a hand, too. And just like that, Ridwell was born.

This local recycling service makes it easy for people to get rid of unwanted items like styrofoam, plastic wrap, and batteries. A company courier picks up these recyclables right at your doorstep and takes them to the appropriate facilities.

How it works

To get set up with Ridwell, you first have to ensure that the service is available in your area. If you live in neighborhoods within Seattle like Capitol Hill & Central District, you can happily participate.

Next, select your membership package, which varies depending on your neighborhood. Then, you’re all set to start recycling without leaving your home. Ridwell sends you bins and bags to hold your items until they’re ready for pickup, which happens every two weeks. Then, Ridwell takes your unwanted materials to their necessary facilities and the process starts again!


Pricing for this service is based on your location. For example, in Capitol Hill & Central District, you can sign up for $42 for three months or $120 for the year, either paying upfront or in monthly installments. Additionally, you can opt for add-ons like extra bags and bins, or upgrade your plan to create a personalized plan that caters to what you recycle the most.

What can Ridwell help you recycle?

Of course, one of the most impressive aspects of Ridwell is the breadth of recycled materials the couriers accept. The basic plan accepts:

  • Household batteries
  • Plastic film
  • Clothing, fabric, and shoes
  • Light bulbs

Additionally, Ridwell will take some other items off your hands for an extra fee. For example, you can bag up styrofoam for an additional nine dollars. Other add-on materials include latex paint, fluorescent lights, and larger materials that don’t fit in the bin. Refer to the “Beyond the Bin” page on the website to learn more about what you can and cannot include for pickup.

Neighborhood featured categories

Neighborhood featured categories include a handful of items Ridwell specializes in for your neighborhood. For example, in Capitol Hill & Central District, some featured categories include:

  • Corks
  • Towels and linens
  • Electronics
  • Seasonal items (decorations, candy, back-to-school gear, etc.)

Several other featured items on the list include bread tags, diapers and pull-ups, and non-perishable food. Again, the full list of recyclable items is extensive, but it largely depends on your location.

Gone are the days of separating your recyclables and driving around town to drop them off at the appropriate facilities. Let Ridwell do the work for you to make daily recycling and decluttering easier than ever.

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