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Person preparing avocado toast

This is the only avocado toast recipe you’ll ever need

Do you love avocado toast? Of course you do — try this amazing recipe.
dutch oven recipes ham and cheese tortellini

In 30 minutes, you can be eating these savory, easy Dutch oven recipes

Make the most of your Dutch oven with these incredible 30-minute recipes.
Costco store exterior shot

This Costco must-have got a lot more expensive, and no one is happy

There are a lot of Costco must-haves on your food shopping list, but this beloved item is more expensive than ever.
stir fry recipes shrimp pineapple

7 mouthwatering shrimp recipes under 300 calories you can make tonight

Shrimp is healthy and delicious; these 300-calorie meals will satisfy anyone.
turn any vegetable into soup woman pot ladle

10 easy, inexpensive recipes you can make with good old Campbell’s soup

Make your dinnertime routine easier with these amazing Campbell's soup recipes.
easy quick bread recipes homemade chocolate zucchini

4 easy quick bread recipes that will become instant favorites

Quick breads are delicious and simple to make. Try these amazing quick bread recipes.
Instant Pot pressure cooker with ingredients on the kitchen counter

8 easy, healthy Instant Pot recipes anyone can make

Instant Pots make everything easier — including these healthy, delicious meals.
quick dessert recipes pleasure  pain

10 indulgent dessert recipes you can whip up in no time

You'll want to savor these decadent desserts — but luckily, they don't take any time at all to make.
easy smoothie recipes with three ingredients young woman making healthy for breakfast

5 simple tips to make the perfect 3-ingredient smoothie (plus 10 great recipes!)

Smoothies are healthy, refreshing, and delicious. Here's how to make the best simple smoothies.
copper cookware pros and cons row of vintage pans  different size hung on wooden

Copper cookware may be Instagram-ready, but is it worth the investment?

Copper cookware looks luxe in a kitchen, but is it right for you? Dive into the pros and cons.
best cookie jars oat  cranberry wholemeal cookies

3-ingredient cookie recipes that taste absolutely delectable

These moist, scrumptious cookies taste delicious and are super easy to make.
easy lasagna recipes woman removing oven

Make a tasty lasagna like a pro with these tips (plus, the easiest recipe ever)

With these useful tips, you'll be making authentic homemade lasagna in no time.
stir fry recipes beef wok

In just 30 minutes, you can eat these incredible stir-fry recipes

These easy yet healthy stir fry recipes offer an awful lot of flavor.
trader joes recipes on instagram joe

The secret Trader Joe’s hashtag on Instagram you need to follow immediately

If you're a fan of Trader Joe's, this is the Instagram hashtag you need to know about. Delicious Trader Joe's recipes are just a click away.
Person eating lentil soup.

We’re obsessed with this insanely delicious Mediterranean lentil soup

This Mediterranean lentil soup is easy to make and a great addition to your cookbook.
five hundred calorie meals cooking healthy couple together

Add zest to your salad: 6 unique salad recipes you can throw together easily

Salad doesn't have to be boring. Try these healthy (and delicious) salad recipes.
healthy dinner recipes fresh vegetable table assortment

8 healthy vegetarian recipes that can satisfy anyone

Even meat lovers will want to try these flavorful, healthy vegetarian recipes.
reducetarian diet young woman holding pan with vegan pasta dish

What’s reducetarianism? Why you’re going to be hearing it a whole lot more

Here's why reducetarianism is one of the big food buzzwords of 2022.
Instant Pot pressure cooker with ingredients on the kitchen counter

These easy 4-ingredient Instant Pot recipes are super delish

You can make these tasty Instant Pot meals with only four ingredients.
best salmon knives knife man slicing

7 healthy salmon recipes that are big on flavor

As soon as you try these flavorful, healthy salmon recipes, you'll want to add them to your weekly rotation.
Rose inside a heart-shaped bowl

Forget overpriced restaurants: 9 tasty at-home Valentine’s Day dinner plans

Looking for Valentine's Day dinner ideas? You won't be able to tell these delicious, savory meals weren't made at an upscale restaurant.
Person making smoothie with fruits.

These easy, healthy breakfast recipes come together in 10 minutes

Get a good start to the day with these healthy breakfast recipes (that only take a few minutes to cook).
best food at trader joes shutterstock 784820452

The 4 hottest Trader Joe’s products everyone is buying right now

These Trader Joe's products are new and amazing. Here are the top picks.
16209 the best football party supplies

Wow your guests with these incredible Super Bowl party ideas

Whether they're watching for the game, the commercials, or the halftime show, these Super Bowl party ideas will wow any guests.
Person eating Margherita pizza.

This is the best margherita flatbread recipe (and it’s super easy to make)

This margherita flatbread pizza recipe will be the star of your meal.
Woman choosing produce at a grocery store

Your grocery shopping habits are ruining your health — follow these tips instead

The key to eating right is your trip to the grocery store. Follow this handy guide.
best casserole carriers overhead view of woman holding broccoli while standing at dining table

6 healthy casserole recipes to make your dinner routine effortless

Casseroles make planning — and serving — dinner simple. These ideas are good for you, quick, and delicious.
eggplant recipes recipe grill pan

You’ll want to savor these simple, flavorful eggplant recipes

Try these delicious ways to serve eggplant — they'll totally transform your dinner.
japanese cucumber salad shutterstock 1249699330

This Japanese cucumber salad recipe is the simple, elegant meal your lunch needs

Tasty and low-cal, Japanese cucumber salad will keep you satisfied every time.
spinach mushroom quiche shutterstock 1470772223

This amazing spinach and mushroom quiche will be the star of your Sunday brunch

Wow your guests with this easy, fantastic spinach and mushroom quiche recipe.
healthy low calorie soup recipes lunch time

5 insanely delicious (and low-calorie) soups for a healthier 2022

It's time to start eating healthier, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste. Try these amazing soup recipes.
crockpot filled with beef stew

These super simple 4-ingredient crockpot recipes are beyond tasty

Warm up this winter with some hearty crockpot meals that are really simple to make.
five hundred calorie meals cooking healthy couple together

Get started on your New Year’s resolution: 6 delicious 500-calorie meals to make

Don't sacrifice flavor for a low-cal meal. We love these tasty meals — and they're good for you, too.
A man and woman celebrating the new year with a drink in hand.

8 tasty New Year’s Eve appetizers that are super easy to make

Don't stress on New Year's Eve. These scrumptious appetizers are quick and simple picks.
family cooking dinner together

MasterClass teaches 19 classes about cooking: Are they worth it?

Is MasterClass worth it if you want to up your culinary skills? We investigate.
A man and woman celebrating the new year with a drink in hand.

The delicious New Year’s Eve menu you need for a low-stress, fun-filled night

This is what you should cook for a low-key night (because no one wants to wait three hours for wing delivery).
Kwanzaa food

These ridiculously delicious recipes will make your Kwanzaa celebration shine

These tasty recipes will be the perfect addition to your Kwanzaa celebration.
family eating Christmas dinner

Need easy Christmas cooking ideas? These simple recipes will become family faves

Christmas is stressful enough — try these easy Christmas cooking ideas for your holiday.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review delta cooking

The 5 kitchen appliances no home chef should ever live without

Some kitchen appliances are gimmicky, but these are the ones every homeowner should have. After you check these off your list you'll save time and more.
smoker cooking ideas smoked beef brisket slices

This is what you should be cooking when your smoker is at 225 degrees

Try these amazing food ideas when your smoker is at 225 degrees.
Charcutterie board

Wow your guests with these Christmas appetizers (that are super simple to make)

There are a lot of events during the Christmas season, all of which can be enhanced with a few delicious appetizers. These are tasty and easy to make.
poke cake desserts strawberry slice

You can transform a boxed cake mix into a decadent dessert with this simple hack

We love this retro cake trend and your family will, too.
Bowls of delicious chicken tortilla soup and garnishes around the table.

This low-cal tortilla soup recipe is amazing (and ridiculously easy to make)

Who doesn't love a hearty soup? This recipe is flavorful and good for you.
how to make hanukkah doughnuts sufganiyot  traditional jewish donuts for copy space

How to make incredible Hanukkah doughnuts just like a pro baker

These Hanukkah doughnuts taste incredible (and your guests will think so, too).
Family eating Thanksgiving dinner with salad.

The dressing that will actually make you want salad this Thanksgiving

Salad doesn't have to be the sad, unwanted offering at your Thanksgiving table. And with this dressing, it won't be.
thanksgiving dinner table setup

Try these modern twists on your Grandma’s classic Thanksgiving sides

What should you serve with your Thanksgiving turkey? Try these modern spins on old favorites.
thanksgiving dinner wagyu beef vermont steak

There’s still time to get this show-stopping item for Thanksgiving dinner

Don't have a boring Thanksgiving dinner! Instead of turkey and ham, mix things up a bit with this show-stopping item that's almost guaranteed to please.
Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.

3 kitchen gadgets that actually make Thanksgiving dinner harder to put together

These kitchen gadgets will actually make your Thanksgiving food prep harder.
baking bread

This easy dinner roll recipe will make you the star of Thanksgiving

Homemade dinner rolls are a Thanksgiving staple. These will become a family tradition.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review

Review: The HydroPro Plus is pro-level sous vide anyone can (and should) buy

The HydroPro Plus is a top-end sous vide machine meant for professional kitchens -- but does it belong in yours? We put it through its paces to find out.