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7 mouthwatering shrimp recipes under 300 calories you can make tonight

If you’re on the lookout for an easy, healthy, and fast weeknight meal, there is no better choice than shrimp. And, if you’re trying to cut calories too, shrimp is one of the most delicious and logical choices. Fresh or frozen, pre-peeled and deveined or do-it-yourself, shrimp is equally good served hot or cold.

An excellent source of lean protein, and practically no fat at all, shrimp is rich with omega-3s, B-12, iodine, selenium, and other nutrients, making it a smart addition to your weekly meal plans. Trying to maintain a healthy weight? Lean proteins, along with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, will let you achieve — and maintain — a healthy weight for a lifetime. Finding new and exciting ways to create satisfying, low-calorie meals can be challenging, but these healthy and delicious 300-calorie shrimp meals will satisfy anyone.

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How to cook shrimp perfectly, every time

Shrimp tends to cook very quickly, which is great for those busy weeknight dinners but potentially bad if you don’t monitor the cooking process closely. In a skillet, raw shrimp can be fully cooked in 3-4 minutes, while an Instant Pot will take literally less than one minute, so you’ll need to be very conscious of cooking times. Generally, shrimp turns white inside and pinkish on the outside when done. For best results, shrimp should be cooked at high heat (rather than low and slow), resulting in a juicy, tender texture, without being stringy or chewy.

These healthy shrimp recipes are great for weight loss

Crispy Coconut Shrimp

A super crispy coconut shrimp recipe that isn’t fried? Yes, please! One of the most popular shrimp dishes, this recipe has all the crunchy goodness of fried shrimp, minus the deep frying. The cooking magic all happens in your oven, and you’ll be very happy with the crispy results. Perfect as an appetizer, but add a few healthy side dishes and you have the makings of a delicious and filling meal. The shrimp is just 200 calories a serving.

Healthy Shrimp and Spinach Salad With Warm Bacon

It might be hard to believe, but this yummy dish is just 220 calories a serving, and it includes bacon! Protein-packed, which is great for weight loss and maintenance, and with a base of “superfood” superstar spinach, it’s packed with nutrients too. The warm bacon dressing is everything you think it will be and so good you’ll want to make this salad a regular addition to your lunch or dinner routine.

Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry

It’s hard to believe this incredible recipe is under 300 calories, but it is! A great choice when you get home late from work (you can have the whole dinner ready in just 20 minutes). Minced ginger and garlic along with a tablespoon of soy sauce give this recipe a flavorful Asian kick. Just before serving, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the pan, stir it up, and serve nice and hot. The lemon juice really helps to bring out all the fresh flavors.

Baked Shrimp in Lemony Garlic Sauce

Speaking of lemon, the indulgently rich lemon-butter sauce of this baked shrimp recipe is so tasty you’ll want to sop it up with a slice of crusty French bread. We say, go on and splurge! Even with the extra 100 calories of 1.5 ounces of bread, this meal will still come in at 220 calories a serving.

Spicy Shrimp Cakes with Corn and Avocado Salsa

If you like a little heat in your food, this is the recipe for you. The cakes get their spicy flavor from hot sauce, which you can dial up or down depending on your tolerance for heat. It’s a deliciously unique way to cook fresh shrimp. Paired with the homemade corn and avocado salsa, it’s pure heaven — and just 121 calories a serving!

Shrimp with Creamy Orange-Chipotle Sauce

One of the best ways to tame spice in a recipe is with dairy, which is why the half-and-half and grated orange rind sauce in this recipe delivers the perfect flavor balance. Just three ingredients in the sauce, plus the shrimp, and dinner will be served in under 10 minutes. The 186 calories per serving give you plenty of wiggle room to add a few more calories by serving it over rice or cooked linguine.

Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp

Skip the takeout and create a homemade version of a popular Asian-inspired seafood soup in just 35 minutes. The tangy flavor is a result of the fresh lemon juice, while the chili oil and white pepper provide the heat. Fresh mushrooms and bamboo shoots help to fill you up, while the shrimp and tofu are excellent sources of protein. Just 233 calories a serving… no tip required.

When you’re looking to cut back on calories, but not on taste, shrimp is the logical choice. And, for those busy weeknights when you need to get dinner on the table fast, there is nothing quicker or easier than a delicious, healthy, and low-calorie option like shrimp!

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