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Be sure to get rid of these 8 items in your fall garage sale

Fall is perfect for decluttering - Add these items to the "sell" pile

Fall is the perfect time for a garage sale. The weather is cooler, and there is less competition from neighbors since many people schedule their sales after spring cleaning. In addition, back-to-school season, the onset of the holidays, and bringing out your winter clothes from storage make for the perfect opportunity to clean out unwanted items and put others up for sale before winter.

As you prepare for your fall garage sale, there are a few key things you’ll need to declutter first. These eight items might be taking up much-needed storage space, so get rid of them now to better prepare your home for the winter.

Person organizing clothing into piles

1. Seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothing is one of the first items to tackle. Organize your wardrobe into three piles: keep, toss, and sell. Discard anything that is in poor condition, and sell or donate clothing items that are in good condition but don’t fit or are lightly worn. Take this time also to tidy up your winter apparel as you unpack it for the season. Try on clothing from last year and see which items fit or suit your current style. If it doesn’t retain your mark of approval, put it up for sale.

Neutral minimalist holiday decor in a basket

2. Holiday decorations

With the holidays drawing closer each day, it’s time to organize last year’s decorations. As you declutter this seasonal decor, pull out the pieces that are broken, outdated, or simply won’t fit this year’s theme. Throw away damaged items and sell unwanted ones at your garage sale.

All through the fall, people will be on the lookout for new holiday decor, so it’s the perfect time to get these unwanted items off your hands.

Items for sale at a garage sale

3. Outdoor furniture

Fads come and go, and your design sensibilities may change over time, so it’s no surprise that you may find yourself with outdoor furniture that doesn’t quite fit your decorative vision anymore. Free up space and make some money by selling your patio sets. Furniture can be quite expensive, so buyers in your area are likely interested in purchasing pieces secondhand and at a fair price.

Many stores also discount furniture in the fall, trying to sell as much of their stock as possible before the winter lines arrive. Take this time to sell your old pieces, and use that extra cash to buy a brand new set at a fraction of the price.

Pegboard with tools

4. Unnecessary tools

Properly caring for your lawn requires a plethora of tools, and over time you’ve likely accumulated multiple hoes, spades, rakes, shovels, and more. While these tools are a crucial part of proper yard maintenance, you probably don’t need too many duplicates of each one. Save yourself some storage space by putting extra tools and DIY equipment up for sale.

Plants on desk with laptop and computer

5. Electronics

Cords, wires, chargers, remotes, and batteries tend to pile up over time, taking over drawers, cabinets, and other crucial storage spaces. This leads to a very time-consuming process of sorting through these accessories, determining what wires belong to what devices, and figuring out which chargers are unusable.

Save yourself the headache and include these items in your garage sale. Though you may not need them anymore, there’s always someone else who can use an extra phone charger, extension cord, or pack of batteries.

Aesthetic storage boxes and containers on shelf

6. Unused school supplies

Fall is back-to-school season, so many thrifty shoppers might be interested in supplies for their kids. If you have any extra unused (or lightly used) notebooks, binders, folders, backpacks, lunch boxes, or other school gear, add them to the “for sale” pile.

Dirty garden tools in wheelbarrow

7. Gardening gear

Similar to outdoor tools, gardening supplies are great to have on hand in the summer. At the end of the blooming season, however, you’ll need to pack up all your equipment and store it in the attic, garage, shed, or other storage space. Instead of packing everything away, put some of your gear up for sale! Avid fall gardeners who favor mums or winter crops will find your spare tools useful.

This also frees up more space in your home for newly acquired seasonal decorations, presents, and other holiday items.

Garage sale furniture

8. Old furniture

Whether you redecorate every year or every decade, your personal style is bound to change with time. If you have some furniture that is out of date or doesn’t suit your new aesthetic, you might be better off putting them up for sale rather than trying to blend them into your new design. Selling your old furniture also gives you the opportunity to purchase new pieces you’re sure to love.

Fall garage sales are the perfect opportunity to free up space, ridding your home of unnecessary items you won’t need or use next season. A tidy home inspires a clear mind, so make sure your home is clean and clutter-free before you start spending those long winter nights inside.

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