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6 incredible ways to achieve the perfect coastal kitchen aesthetic

Must-haves to create a coastal kitchen in your home

Rattan lights in kitchen
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Whether you live by the sea or far from it, it’s hard not to adore the fresh and simple look of coastal decor. The coastal aesthetic brings a refreshing and calming aura into the home, which can be a much-needed distraction from the hectic nature of everyday life. And what better place to invite this soothing design style than in the kitchen?

If you’re looking for simple decor ideas and tips on decorating the perfect coastal kitchen, we have just what you need.

Add plenty of wicker and rattan pieces

Adding wicker and rattan furniture is one of the easiest ways to create a coastal look in your kitchen. Wicker fruit baskets, pendant lights, and seating can add a down-to-earth and woven feel to the space. Rattan furniture can also be a fantastic option for a nearby sunroom or kitchen seating if you have space for a classic breakfast nook. The lighter tones and airy aesthetic of these pieces create the perfect seaside vibe.

Kitchen with light blue cabinets and wood accents
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Pastel blue is a must

Blue is the color of the sea. So, of course, it has become a staple of coastal decor. However, the right shade of blue is vital for pulling off a sophisticated design. Pastel blue offers a sense of calmness and tranquility, perfect for creating a light and relaxing space. Avoid navy, dark, or true blue tones, as these can make the kitchen feel too nautical or kitschy. Instead, sticking to a simple pastel palette with blue, white, and cream will give you a coastal look that remains modern and fresh.

Beach home decor with unique rope lighting statement

Include some wrapped rope decor

Wrapped rope is another modern staple of the coastal design style. In the past, netting made its way into interiors in plenty of unique ways. However, as the design style evolved, netting has become a cliché and often kitschy addition. Sure, we want to bring in boat-like influences when working with a coastal design, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it in a more subtle way!

Instead of opting for netting, we recommend looking for wrapped rope decor. Rope lights, wrapped rope tables and bar stools, and wrapped rope planter pots usher in a more modern take on this seaside aesthetic.

Two-toned cabinets are super trendy

Two-toned cabinets are super trendy in interiors right now, but this is particularly true for coastal decor. Often, we’ll see designers using simple white cabinetry on the main cabinets and then adding an accent pastel blue to the center island. Alternatively, the upper cabinets might be a soft eggshell white while the lower cabinets are a robin’s egg blue tone. Other color combinations like pastel yellow and white, cream and light wood tones, and pastel blue with slate gray are also popular choices.

Coastal kitchen in a colder climate with simple backsplash
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Opt for a simple tile backsplash

Another facet of a coastal kitchen is the simple tile backsplash. There’s no need to go big and bold here. A simple white tile with minimal designs or accents will suffice. Avoid nautical themes, like anchor tile designs or seashell backsplashes, which can cheapen the space. While these could work in a vintage coastal design, they are a bit tacky in a modern space.

Luxury kitchen design with open shelving and pendant light
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Glass decor is great for a seaside look

When it comes to coastal decor, simple is often best. And thankfully, glass decor offers a great seaside look that feels just as light and airy as the rest of the space. Glass bowls, vases, and other decor items will help lift the space and offer a crystalline look. Frosted glass can also be a good choice for decor as it reminds us of sea glass, making it the perfect coastal addition.

Coastal decor has garnered a lot of popularity. And in the kitchen, it helps to invite calmness and serenity into the space. And while you’ll want to avoid overt nautical themes if you’re aiming for a modern aesthetic, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your coastal kitchen look.

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