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10 best bathroom hacks of 2023 – refreshing enhancements to your sacred space

Looking to elevate your bathroom? Here are some hacks that can bring a little Four Seasons to your home

Your bathroom can always be better. It doesn’t need to be perfect, especially if there are kids in the picture, but it can still be a place you actually like hanging out in. With the following hacks, you can inject a bit of that Four Seasons feel into this space, making it more of a destination than a place where you just wash up.

Hacks like this are easy ways to elevate the way you live and can range from organizing a small kitchen to getting the kids to share a meal with you. With a bathroom, the key is to keep things functional while also lifting the entire space into something desirable, plucked from a favorite hotel or spa. With the following ideas, you’ll be looking forward to bath time, every time. Here are the best bathroom hacks of 2023.

White bathroom with gray trim
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Reflooring is surprisingly easy and can change the entire feel of a bathroom for the better. Now’s the time, as there are more options than ever, built to last and easy to install. The tongue-and-groove options are doable in a day, are relatively inexpensive, and can give you a touch of elegance by mimicking more expensive materials like marble. No prior experience is necessary — just a few good tools, such as a reliable saw, a multitool for custom cuts (to fit flooring around sinks, toilets, etc.), and some knee pads.

Maximalist bathroom with wallpaper

Apply wallpaper

This one is a classic visual upgrade, enlivening your walls with vibrant color schemes and patterns. Look for moisture-resistant options and think about the mood you’re after. Work in tandem with your light sources (natural and otherwise) in terms of the colors you select and think about ventilation and moisture sources when considering where and how much wallpaper to use. Need some wallpaper ideas? Check out the wallpaper design trends of the year.

Consider a bidet

Bidets always seem out of reach, from the fancy-sounding name to the fact that we often associate them with high-end resorts set far, far away. And no, they’re not overly pricey, at least they don’t have to be. There are options out there that are easy to set up and have a touch of class with accents like wooden dials.

Go with curtains, not blinds

It’s amazing what curtains will do to a space. Even a good set of thick, wooden blinds is no match for some flowy curtains, which offer better coverage and texture. While heavier fabric like velvet is great for your living or dining room, opt for something that’s lighter weight, such as cotton or linen for the bathroom. It’ll dry quickly if it gets wet and still offers a solid look. Plus, it’ll even allow some more natural light through, which is often always welcome in a bathroom.

Small bathroom wood shelf with minimal decor above sink

Up your hygiene product presentation

This one comes straight from the top-notch hotel playbook. You can still keep some clutter under wraps behind pantry and cabinet doors, but your best-looking products ought to be displayed prominently. File them neatly in a crate or tray, 0r line your best, most-used hygiene items on a floating shelf. Simple upgrades across the board can make for a big overall difference in the bathroom. Look to update your soap dispenser, put things like Q-Tips in glass holders, and find skincare bundles and other high-use items (deodorant and lotion) bottled or packaged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hang herbs in your shower

TikTok teaches us everything we need to know, like hanging aromatic plants in our bathrooms. One of the best options is eucalyptus, with its refreshing fragrance and solid availability at most stores. Get ahold of a few branches, bind them together with some twine or a twist tie, and hang them over your shower head. Don’t worry about getting them wet. In fact, the humidity activates the aroma, so shower with the plants in place and enjoy. You can swap them out after a few weeks when they dry out and stop producing as much of a scent.

Contemporary bathroom with dark blue walls

Upgrade your mirror

A good mirror will do all kinds of favors for you, especially for your master bathroom. It can reflect natural light, stretch a smaller space out some, and offer the ideal backdrop for getting ready. Look for shapes that match the personality of the room (it doesn’t have to be geometric) and mount it in a place that’s useful and easy to clean. This could mean a brand new piece or simply upgrading the one you have, by adding a frame to it or treating it to some backlighting.

Plants in a bathroom

Add some plant life

The easiest way to make your bathroom feel verdant and alive is to introduce some plant life. Succulents are great, but there are many, many options that are both easy to take care of and can invigorate the bathroom (rubber plants, aloe vera, and prayer plants). This is also a great spot for citrus; should you have enough light for it, as the plant brings a pleasant fragrance to the room as well. In smaller bathrooms, consider hanging plants or wall-mounted vases to free up limited shelf and windowsill space.

Remove unwanted odors

There are countless great ways to make your bathroom smell wonderful. Sure, a good candle or incense will do the trick, but so too will a nice diffuser, fresh-cut herbs and flowers, and essential oils. And limit the competing smells that can come from things like damp old towels or gunk around your tub or sink. Good ventilation is key here as well, especially for quickly ridding the place of unwanted odors.

Black and white bathroom with black tub and large window with lots of light

Maximize natural light

This one is easy if you have a lot to begin with, but a bit trickier if you’re starved for light. Obviously, lighter-colored walls will reflect more of the light. Consider lighter curtains and position mirrors in places where they can play off of the window. Skylights are great if that’s in your price range, but also work with what you have. In other words, don’t obstruct that lone window with furniture or other objects. Also, consider clear or translucent items like shower doors that’ll allow the light to flow a bit more.

No two bathroom designs are exactly alike, but the above hacks will elevate any kind of layout you’re working with. Just remember that this is a water zone, so work with the appropriate materials. That said, it can also be a place you seek out — a tranquil retreat within your home where you can recharge and rejuvenate.

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