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Move over, white: These gorgeous black bathrooms prove a dark palette works, too

When it comes time to design your dream bathroom, it’s tempting to take the classic route toward white and bright bathroom decor. But what if we told you that black bathrooms could be just as gorgeous? It’s easy to assume that a black bathroom would feel dark, dingy, and unappealing, but this is far from the truth.

Dark color palettes can make your bathroom feel rich, regal, and seductive. So, if you’re interested in creating the perfect oasis in your bathroom, you don’t want to miss these stunning designs.

Don’t be scared of a black bathroom wall

We get it. Painting your bathroom walls black can feel like sacrilege in the world of white, minimalist home design. However, this added drama can result in some stunning bathroom designs. To add sophistication, opt for a black tiled wall or black marble effect.

Studio Dearborn’s design features a bold black accent wall, but pairing the dark-colored wall with white walls and floor tiles brightens up the space. To decorate the dark bathroom, they used natural wood for the vanity, a colorful rug on the floor, and gold accents. While the space is moody, pairing lighter woods and warm, vibrant colors tied the look together and created a lighter and inviting space.

For subtlety, opt for black bathroom accessories

If you aren’t sold on painting your walls black just yet, you can still experiment with a darker, yet subtler, color palette. User @my_luxury_home_decor on Instagram featured an elegant and modern bathroom with dark accessories as opposed to a black accent wall. The black toilet and dark vanity, with other black bathroom accessories like vases, candles, and a floor mat, makes for a more neutral bathroom with a punch of personality.

When decorating your bathroom with black accessories, be aware of how the color will blend with the existing palette. Try to incorporate another color like grey, white, beige, or tan to help make your black accessories stand out without looking bland or imposing in the space. Additionally, black accessories look stunning when backed against a white tile or light natural wood. So, work to create contrast in your space and add more visual interest.

Dress up a dark bathroom with colorful decor

Whether you choose a black wall tile, black paint, or another dark shade as the base color for your bathroom, you can never go wrong with including a little colorful decor. Pops of color contrast beautifully in a dark bathroom, dressing up the space and adding an air of elegance.

Frenchic Paint on Pinterest uses vivid greens and lush pinks in the bathroom accessories to elevate the look. Pink towels and containers add a bit of softness to the cold, dark space, while lush green plants highlight the oasis feel that many homeowners strive for.

When using color in your dark bathroom, opt for pastels or brighter shades rather than muted tones. Additionally, metallic accents like copper and gold look stunning against a black backdrop and create a sense of elegance that black bathrooms are known for.

black and white bathroom with black tub

How about a black tub?

If you favor eclectic and unique designs, you’ll definitely want to hop on the black fixture trend. Black toilets, faucets, sinks, and even tubs can make the space feel more sophisticated and regal. For example, user @tcdathome on Instagram showed off a stunning black clawfoot tub in a moody and dark bathroom. Backed by black and grey marble tiles, this bathroom radiates a sense of elegance and sophistication.

If you choose dark fixtures or pieces for your bathroom, be sure to pair them with lighter greys and whites and add plenty of natural light-colored wood. This can highlight these dark pieces, making them appealing centerpieces that look appropriate for the space.

Black bathrooms are an attractive solution for homeowners looking to add more flair and style to their homes. Often an elegant touch, painting or tiling your walls in a dark shade can genuinely transform the space and create the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. When choosing black as your statement color, be sure to pair it with plenty of natural wood tone and don’t be afraid to incorporate light and bright colors into the palette. As long as you incorporate contrasting hues and bring just a touch of illumination into the space, you can make a dark and dreamy bathroom that will rival even the most luxurious spas.

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