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Japandi-style bathrooms: Gorgeous sanctuary or cleaning nightmare?

People have differing opinions about Japandi-style bathrooms

People on Reddit have never been one to hold back their opinions on any matter of topic, which is one reason the platform has remained so popular for so long. Those opinions were aplenty on the Subreddit page r/HomeDecorating when one user asked about Japandi-style bathrooms. Redditor u/honeylemondiaries asked the question: “What’s your opinion on Japandi bathrooms?” showing a number of examples of the popular style type, adding, “I have 1.5 bathrooms in my home, both of which are really small, so I like light colored bathrooms to make the space look bigger. Is Japandi only pretty in the magazines? Will I regret it if I remodel my bathroom to be this style? I’m interested to hear what others think.” They got their wish.

Modern white bathroom with bamboo shelves and plants

Those for Japandi bathrooms

For those unfamiliar, Japandi combines Scandinavian and modern Japanese design, where minimalists rule the day, with a “less is more” mindset focused on natural elements, muted color palettes, and warm undertones. While most commenters agreed the style was gorgeous, with one Redditor saying they wouldn’t care if it went out of favor as a design. “I like it a lot but worry it might look dated as a fad in a few years. That said, I like it enough that I might redo a bathroom that way if I could afford it because I really like it and wouldn’t care if it goes out of style.”

Another added: “I think this is a great style that could be updated pretty easily in the future.” While there were many similar comments, one thing no one seemed to enjoy are vessel sinks.

The sinks seemed to be the biggest area of contention, with comments like, “Can confirm. Built our house four years ago. Vessel sinks everywhere. A week into using them and we realized the mistake. Water. Gets. EVERYWHERE. Will be replacing someday 100%.” Another agreed, adding: “No one, absolutely no one, likes using vessel sinks.”

Towel warming rack on a wall in a tiled bathroom

Those against Japandi-style

Those against Japandi-style bathrooms had practicality top of mind. “Love the look. With all my ‘junk’ that I keep in my bathroom not too practical for me,” one Redditor commented.  Another had a similar opinion, stating partly that it’s all about functionality. “Open shelves where one needs to hide essentials. Reduced space with floating counters. Messy area due to vessel sink and open tubs,” they wrote. People seemed to agree with the sentiment, writing, “All those crooks and crannies to clean seems like a nightmare. Clean, simple lines, and wood accents like a nice stool or art piece, sure, but not a wall or a floor!”

Whatever your opinion, there are pluses and minuses to the Japandi-style bathroom. One thing it’s hard to disagree with is the aesthetically pleasing design. Taking care of it and having a functional bathroom for everyday use, however, is up for debate.

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