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6 incredible Mother’s Day gifts for her kitchen

If your mother is a cook or baker, or simply spends a lot of time in the kitchen keeping things running smoothly, chances are pretty good you’ve thought about buying her something for that often-trafficked room of her house. But what to buy? With so many options on the market, it can feel impossible to pick the right gift for one of the best people in your life.

Obviously, your mom will love anything you get for her, but if you’re looking for a way to jump to the top of the “Mom’s favorite kid” list, these amazing kitchen gifts are sure to make her smile! These are our recommendations for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the special woman in your life who loves her kitchen almost as much as she loves you.

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For cooking

If your mom loves to put on an apron and whip up a recipe or two in her spare time, why not make her hobby a bit more fun with these unique gifts?

Boston Warehouse cookbook and tablet holder

This decorative cookbook holder protects mom’s cookbook or tablet while she’s whipping up one of her favorite recipes. Its easel-back design keeps the stand at an angle, so it’s easier for mom to follow her recipe while cooking. It folds for compact storage, but it’s so cute that she will probably want to keep it out all the time (as a reminder of you, no doubt).

Queen of the Kitchen apron

If your mom loves to cook, she’ll truly appreciate this novelty apron. We not only love the funny words and print, but also that it’s heavy-duty, practical, and made with long-lasting fabric that can stand up to even the worst kitchen messes. The roomy pockets for holding kitchen gadgets are another great touch, and it even comes in its own gift bag – perfect for Mother’s Day gifting.

KitchenAid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer

Extravagant? Maybe, but worth every penny. This oh-so-popular metal stand mixer makes short work of every kitchen task! The ultra-durable design and 10-speed settings make this tilt-back-head, high-performance mixer an absolute essential. Rubber feet keep it steady while mixing, while the included wire whip, dough hook, and flat beater tackle most cooking and baking tasks with ease. And, because what mother doesn’t love color, this mixer comes in an array of decorative colors to enhance any kitchen.

For a little something extra

Mom’s kitchen is likely full of practical items she uses every day, but there’s nothing wrong with adding some fun and flair to her space – especially on Mother’s Day.

Kitchen Spice Candle

This modern blend of sweet orange, clove, ginger, and cinnamon is a new take on a pantry favorite, and is sure to be a hit with any mom. We love that this candle will burn for over 100 hours, and the scent mixture is, quite simply, divine.

Tea drop sampler set 

The perfect gift for any tea-loving mom, these organic morsels of finely sourced tea, sugar, and aromatic spices meld to create a blissful tea blend when dropped in a cup of hot water. The sampler set includes a variety of tea drops secured in a keepsake wooden box, perfect for a tea tasting one sunny afternoon (and maybe she’ll even share with you). She’ll never use ordinary tea bags again!

Gourmet oil dipping spice kit

A total of 15 different spices lets Mom take a culinary tour around the world every time she cooks. From herbs de Provence from France to Italian oregano and red pepper flakes, smoked paprika from Spain, to za’atar from Levant, Mom will love experimenting with the included recipes or mixing the spices with olive oil and used for dipping bread. Get one for Mom — and maybe another one just for you!  

Whether your mom needs a new stand mixer or would love a new candle for her pantry, these six standout gifts will make her day – and her time in the kitchen – a whole lot better. There’s never been a time of year to spoil Mom with these kitchen gifts; she deserves it, after all!

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