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17 clever ways to store bulk purchases around your home

So you decided to spring for a Costco membership, or you spotted a great deal on bulk goods from Amazon. Now, the products are in your living room, and you have no idea where to put them.

Bulk shopping for your home offers so many benefits. You save money. You never run out of your favorite essentials. You save the environment from single-use plastic. But you have to store these things somewhere, and your kitchen floor isn’t the answer.

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These ingenious tricks will help you store your bulk purchases in stylish ways that keep them handy but out of sight. Let’s find your new favorite storage solutions and get your living space back.

bulk food Glass Containers
casanisaphoto / Getty Images

Glass containers

Keeping bulk packages in their original packaging is unsightly. You can hide kitchen staples in plain sight with coordinating glass containers. You’ll be able to stack easier and use some of your open spaces like shelving or counter space. The Kitchn displays several appealing glass containers to store your bulk foods.

Wall dispensers

For bulk liquids and dry goods, wall-mounted dispensers offer excellent storage off your counters and out of your cabinets. They’ve got dispensers for easy access and utilize wall space everyone has.

Gift wrap rods

If you take advantage of post-holiday sales, store awkward bulk purchases like gift wrap on curtain rods or dowels on the back of a door if you can. You could also use them to create fun visual interest above your desk area.

Toilet paper containers

Instead of keeping toilet paper in the unsightly plastic, store extra rolls in decorative containers in your bathroom or hall closet. They’ll look organized and always be at hand. You could even use a large glass vase to put a few right in arm’s reach beside the toilet. Home Hacks shares some awesome ideas.

Wire Baskets for Toiletries
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Wire toiletry baskets

Bulk packs of toiletries can get unruly in your drawers and cabinets. Wire baskets mounted to the back of a closet door gives you the chance to organize everything perfectly. Baskets keep them all in place and secure.

Rolling pet food bins

A nice airtight bin with wheels is the perfect place to store your pet’s food. Larger bags are always a better deal but can go stale quickly and are difficult to store in the original packaging. This gives you an attractive system with wheels for convenient moving.

Under-the-bed containers

Underneath your bed is a great place to store bulk items. If you have enough closet space for your clothing and shoes, utilize your bed to help hide bulk items instead. What was once a good place for dust bunnies can hold cleaning supplies, paper goods, and even cans. Stick with covered storage to protect things from getting dusty.

Craft caddies

Craft caddies are perfect for organizing smaller toiletries and feminine-hygiene products. The smaller pockets keep things organized, and the handle is excellent for carrying when you need to restock bathrooms.

organized pantry
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When things are coordinated by material or color, your pantry or storage closet automatically look more organized. Even open shelving can tolerate bulk items if you use matching bins that coordinate with your kitchen or living room’s decor.

Magazine holders

Magazine files are great for storing cylindrical items that otherwise roll around. Think cans, spices, and other types of things. This way, everything lines up well, and you can quickly see what you have without digging into the recesses of your cabinet.

Top shelves

The top shelves in your kitchen could be hard to reach, and therefore, inconvenient to store things you use every day. Rearrange your kitchen so that you can put your extra bulk items on those top shelves. Since you don’t need them every day, it’s a good place.

Freezer storage

Break up bulk fruit into single servings in freezer-appropriate bags to make it easier to line and store. Flash freeze cut fruit like bananas to have for longer. Things like tomato paste, which often doesn’t get used once the can is open, can also be frozen. Flash freeze in tablespoon scoops, then put in freezer-safe bags. Leave it to Martha Stewart to share some fabulous tips on how to avoid food waste with proper freezer storage.

Over-door racks

Door racks make great storage areas. You can use them to store bulk craft supplies, spices, toiletries, paper goods, and many other things. They’re easy to install and instantly increase the square footage of a closet or pantry space.

Cookie jars

Cookie jars with angled openings are good places to store bulk cosmetics. If your store had a great deal on nail polish sets, makeup sponges, or eyeshadows, you could use cookie jars to contain and protect them. They provide visual interest and are a unique fixture in a bathroom.

Rolling Carts
Oksana.Bondar / Shutterstock

Rolling carts

We can’t sing the praises of rolling carts enough. Use them to store extra paper goods. Contain your bulk dry goods. Give it a try for pet goods or extra cleaning supplies. They roll for convenience, and you can park them just about anywhere. Roll them into a hidden spot when guests come over and pull them back out when you need them.

Magnet storage

Magnet Strips can organize a variety of smaller bulk items. Keep cotton swabs and balls in magnetized cups or spices in magnetized containers. The strips can be customized to your exact specifications and can fit just about anywhere.

Shoe organizers

Both over-the-door options and hanging options can give you space for storage. Over-the-door organizers are easy to install, while the cubbies of hanging organizers provide you with space for wipes or flat containers. Plus, they’re cheap and work in a pinch if you need bulk storage for certain times of the year like holidays.

Whether you need bulk storage temporarily or your lifestyle requires more permanent storage, there’s a solution. You can find the balance between bulk and keeping your apartment clean and well-styled. Consider even the smallest spaces and how you could utilize the space creatively. We think you’ll find more storage space than you realize. Now go check that Amazon sale without worry!

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