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Maximize your space with these neat pantry storage solutions

Shelves full of a disorderly combination of mismatched boxes, cans, and half-empty boxes of dry goods. Does this sound familiar?

It is easy for a pantry to go from tidy to chaotic in a short amount of time. After all, once the door is closed, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Well, it is time to reign it in and bring some order to this kitchen closet. With a few storage solutions, you can turn your pantry into a space any chef would love.

Check expiration dates – on everything

The first step in any organization project is to take everything out and check what should be tossed out. Now is the time to dispose of that spice you used once that expired three years ago. Once you have weeded out expired and any other unused items, you will want to put everything in categories—cereals, canned goods, pasta, rice, and so on.

Get organized

Now it’s time to assess which categories will need the most space and which storage option containers will work the best for each. Below we have our top picks.

Clear containers

Instead of storing food in its original packaging, consider changing to clear canisters or jars. Not only does this make your pantry look more put together, but it also lets you see exactly what you have and how much of it is left. Another bonus is that it keeps critters like mice from getting into dry goods.

These Wildone Cereal & Dry Food Containers come in a set of 16 and include labels and markers. They are ideal for flour, sugar, rice, pasta, and cereal.

Pull-out drawers

Turn your shelves into drawers with these pull-out drawers.  Many times it is hard to see what is in the back. By installing drawers, everything will be organized and easily accessed. The Rev-A-Shelf can be customized to fit dimensions from six to 36 inches, so it offers flexibility to work in any space.

Tall skinny containers

Take advantage of vertical space by investing in these see-through vertical containers. Also, from Wildone, this set of nine airtight containers will keep food fresher longer and is tall enough to store spaghetti.

Over-the-door organizer

If your pantry has a door, why not use the back of it for additional storage? This is a convenient place for housing frequently used items that need to be easily reached. The Smart Design over-the-door organizer is easy to install and includes six adjustable shelves that can be customized to accommodate your unique needs.

Lazy Susan

For all those smaller items such as spices and cans, consider using a lazy Susan. There is a reason this time-honored storage option remains popular. It allows you to group items and spins, so everything is easily accessible, and nothing is hidden in the back of a shelf.

Hanging baskets

Many times in a pantry, there is wasted space between shelves. Add additional storage to the underside of shelves by installing these hanging baskets from Simple Houseware. They offer a great place for plastic wrap, tin foil, and plastic storage bags.

Decorative baskets

Just because it is a pantry doesn’t mean it has to be humdrum. Corral similar items together and store them in these stylish baskets from Ikea. Great for larger items, these attractive rattan baskets work well in the area between the floor and the bottom shelves.

Using these organizational tools and tips, you can reign in your pantry’s chaos and make your family’s food preparations simple and – dare we say it – even fun!

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