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The best full-spectrum lights for healthy sleep and seasonal affective disorder relief

The health benefits of full-spectrum lights are clear. Bright white-light therapy is used to promote healthy sleep patterns. By activating our bodies to send signals to and regulate the biological processes that affect our overall moods, it helps restore the natural biochemical balance created by the passing of night and day. Take advantage of this technology and increase your wellness.

During the seasons with shorter days and less sunshine, everybody experiences some level of sadness, but for some, seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that interferes with their feelings, energy levels, weight, and sleep. We want to help you find the perfect match to bring back that confident feeling of well-being you are looking for.

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Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

Best full-spectrum light overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Harness the healing power of natural light with the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, a full-spectrum light box that emulates the effects of a bright sunny day. Includes three modes to ease you into longer and more intense sessions to quickly improve your mood and concentration at work. Some athletes swear by them as a way to get a complete boost before training during the darker days of the year. Re-energize your life and avoid seasonal affective disorder.

Verilux Original SmartLight Floor Lamp

Best full-spectrum floor lamp

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Full-spectrum lights are the favorite of artists, craftsmen, and designers for their incredible color renditions. The Verilux Original SmartLight Floor Lamp is a working light that provides true color and better detail. It reduces eye fatigue by eliminating flicker, and the gooseneck design renders a beautiful overhead lighting that’s ideal for those who need great visibility for their work.

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp

Best full-spectrum light design

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For a premium light panel with superior design, the Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp is the next evolution of phototherapy. Turn on your day and maximize your session with adjustable angles, three intensity levels, and slim, travel-friendly design. One-touch operation and full-spectrum lighting make it a great addition to your mood-regulation practice.

It has been widely accepted that using full-spectrum lights is a great benefit for those looking to improve their vitality and better their mood. For those managing season affective disorder, daily light therapy can naturally help you ease the winter blues. Our selected products are designed to be used all year long to promote a balanced and consistent sense of well-being.

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