The best 5-by-7 photo frames for your beloved photographs

With a 5-by-7 photo frame, you can keep multiple prints on any table without overcrowding. You can also stage your own wall collage with a set of 5-by-7 photo frames using photographs from the same event such as a relative’s wedding. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best photo frames on the market to make your decision a little easier.

The 5-by-7 photo frame is the quintessential tabletop photo frame, thanks to its petite size. It’s small enough not to crowd your workspace, but large enough to display small details clearly. Try a multiple pack if you’re planning on curating a wall collage, or if you want matching gifts for your loved ones.

Some frames are lightweight enough for hanging, but many alternatives are best for adorning desks. Let’s take a look at our best options.

GIFTME5 Silver Plate Picture Frame

Best Mother of Pearl

The GIFTME5 mother of pearl picture frame is the right option for displaying your wanderlust-inducing travel photos. A mosaic frame cased with a silver plate is a breath of fresh air on your hallway table and a wonderful pick-me-up on your office desk.

Giftgarden 5×7 picture frame

Best Value Pack

Giftgarden’s 12-pack is the best value option for a simple wall collage. Line up these classic black photo frames for a streamlined look or mix it up with different size frames for a charming, eclectic effect. The composite wood not only imitates real wood but lasts for years.

LaVie Home 5×7

Best Simple Design

LaVie Home’s pack features six versatile silver frames and real glass panels. This simple frame plays up an industrial chic loft and modernizes a shabby chic living room. Whether you’re hanging up a collage or curating a desktop arrangement, back hooks and kickstand have you covered.

A 5-by-7-inch photo frame is your best option for flaunting your beautiful family portraits. Choose a classic black frame for a no-fuss wall collage, a novelty mother of pearl frame for accent tables, or a simple silver frame for a variety of uses. Try a photo frame from our lineup to personalize your wall or table in an effortless way.

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