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The best full-motion TV wall mounts of 2024

best full-motion tv wall mount
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Mounting a TV is one of the most efficient and effective ways to free up space in your living room. By mounting your TV on a wall, you can keep it out of potential hazards while creating a more aesthetic atmosphere. Plus, a good mount can improve your viewing angles to reduce muscle strain.

You can enjoy these benefits and more with the best full-motion TV wall mounts of 2024 reviewed in this post. The Echogear MaxMotion stood out to us for its smooth swivel and heavy weight capacity, but our guide can help you pinpoint the ideal mount for your TV setup.

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The best full-motion TV wall mounts

echogear full-motion tv wall mount

Echogear full-motion TV wall mount – Best overall

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Elevate your viewing experience with the Echogear full-motion TV wall mount. This universal design works with all major TV brands like Samsung, Vizio, and LG to bring you an unbeatable viewing experience. The hardware pack and drilling template that come included will have your TV on the wall in no time.

The heavy-gauge steel construction can support TVs up to 90 inches and up to 125 pounds, so you can rest assured it’s adequately supported. You can also take advantage of 130 degrees of smooth swivel, extending your TV out 22 inches away from the wall and pointing it any way you please. When you’re done watching, simply retract it back 2.4 inches for a cleaner look. The incredible weight it can hold while being able to turn and tilt puts this wall mount at the top of our list.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Will hold up to 125 pounds
  • Many viewing angles


  • A little pricey
pipishell full-motion tv wall mount

Pipishell full-motion TV wall mount – Best compatibility

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Next in line, we have a Pipishell full-motion TV wall mount compatible with brick, concrete, and wood studs in drywall. However, unlike our previous product, this one does not support a large TV, as it can accommodate 44 pounds maximum and only 42-inch TVs. You will require a little drilling effort to install the wall mount, but all the essential accessories required for installation are included in the package.

This sturdy wall mount can tilt 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards for optimal viewing and can also swivel at 180 degrees. Users love ‌they can completely rotate the mount at 360 degrees as well. Alloy steel is used to construct this TV mount, and you can extend it 14.5 inches from the wall, making it both a durable and efficient choice.


  • Tilts, swivels, and rotates
  • All installation accessories included
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Requires a little effort for installation
usx mount full-motion tv wall mount

USX Mount full-motion TV wall mount – Most versatile

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Here is a full-motion TV wall mount that’s a perfect fit for TVs that range from 26 to 55 inches. The swivel TV mounting brackets allow for a 180-degree swivel, 5 degrees upwards, and 15 degrees downward tilt. The tilt helps to reduce glare, ensuring you get the most enjoyment while viewing. The mount is also made from heavy-duty steel which adds to its durability and allows you to mount heavy TVs with peace of mind.

You can pull out an extension of 18.95 inches from the wall mount and retract it 2.81 inches for a sleek, customized look . You will need specific tools for a stress-free installation, but the post-installation adjustment and included hardware and accessories help make the process easier. Overall, this wall mount is a good choice for versatility and those who have heavier TV models.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can support TVs up to 77 pounds
  • Convenient tilt and swivel features


  • Requires specific tools for installation
mounting dream full-motion tv wall mount

Mounting Dream full-motion TV wall mount – Best value

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The primary problem with finding the properly spaced wall studs is that the TV may not hang the way you thought it would and may end up appearing off-center. In other cases, you might plan on hanging the wall mount in a corner, but since you need to hang it in two horizontal spots, the task becomes impossible. Mounting Dream luckily solves this issue as it’s a unique wall stud.

The bracket is mounted vertically instead of horizontally, allowing you to take advantage of the single vertical wall stud. Other features include a 5 degree upward tilt and 15 degrees downward tilt. It allows a 16.7-inch extension and has a 90-degree swivel. It can also hold a maximum weight of around 77 pounds. Even though it can carry so much, it’s available at a super affordable price.


  • Vertical bracket for single stud installation
  • Dual motion tilt and swivel
  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction


  • Not suitable for plasma TVs
blue stone full-motion tv wall mount

BlueStone full-motion TV wall mount- Best angles

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The Bluestone full-motion TV wall mount is suitable for TVs ranging from 32 to 70 inches and can support a weight of 121 pounds. This mount comes with 3 degrees upward tilt and 15 degrees downward tilt for reducing glare and creating an optimal viewing experience. It also has a 120-degree swivel and can extend to 14.9 inches.

The package includes all the ‌details for quick installation and has the required hardware inside with pre-labelled bags, making it easy for beginners. The mount’s heavy-duty steel construction and built-in security lock ensure your TV stays safely in place as well, making it a wise investment.


  • Reduces screen glare
  • Provides versatile viewing angles
  • Quick installation


  • Included mount brackets and screws could be better
amazon basics full-motion tv wall mount

Amazon Basics full-motion TV wall mount – Most heavy-duty

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The Amazon Basics full-motion TV wall mount is a great choice for anyone upgrading their television setup. Whether replacing an old mount or starting from scratch, this product is the perfect solution for mounting your 37-80 inch TV. It can accommodate TVs up to 132 lbs, making it suitable for almost any size and weight.

This TV mount is exceptionally easy to install, even for those with limited experience in mount installation. Everything that you need is included in the package: a manual, a template, a hardware kit, and a 6 ft HDMI cable. The mount can tilt up to 15 degrees, extend up to 18 inches, and swivel to 90 degrees. This allows you to customize it to an optimal viewing experience. Plus, it’s compatible with LED, LCD, OLED, Flat, and Curved Screens.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty construction
  • Strong and stable dual arms
  • Holds up to 132lbs


  • Two people recommended for installation
best full-motion tv wall mount
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Buying guide: Full-motion TV wall mounts

Here are some of the essential features to keep in mind when shopping for a full-motion TV wall mount.

Compatible with at least a 55-inch TV

TV screens keep getting bigger, so you should buy a wall mount that supports at least 55 inches models or higher. Almost all the mounts mentioned above support over 55-inch screens. These days, TV screens can be as big as 80 inches.

Thin profile

TV mounts should not draw attention to themselves; instead, the TV should be in the limelight. Hence, the wall mount should be thin and give a premium look. The TV closet should be the closest to the wall, so the best full-motion TV wall mount has around 2-inch thickness or less. However, make sure that it can hold the weight of your TV.

Post-install level adjustment

Install the wall mount even slightly out of level; it can look extensively off the wall once you attach the TV to it. It is a significant issue with a large screen, particularly when the walls have a strong background due to wallpaper or bricks. In other cases, the reference line of the nearby window or doorway can also make your TV wall mount look crooked.

If you have an uneven old house, you will want to tweak it out the slightest level. If you want to avoid all the level adjustment hassle, it is best to get a post-install level adjustment screw that you can lower or raise according to your TV position.

Sturdy construction

No doubt you would want all your products to be sturdy and durable. A TV mount supports a large and usually expensive TV, so you should not risk it with a cheap wall mount. It is always smart to look through the product’s material, quality, and durability to ensure your TV will be safe on it.

The best full-motion TV wall mounts are usually made from thick metal. Others may have a hybrid mix of metals that reduces the installation time but create a weak spot that limits the movement of your TV.

UL approval

Mounts that are UL approved are of the best quality as they have undergone various levels of testing that will add to your peace of mind as you hang your expensive TV on it. The amount is tested almost three to four times for UL certification at the advertised weight rating.

Most of the best TV mounts have an advertised weight rating of 130 to 175 pounds, which is usually more than enough, given the lightweight of TVs today.

Supports a wide range of VESA patterns

The VESA pattern refers to placing the mounting bolt holes at the back of the TV. The pattern may vary depending on the size and brand of the TV. It is preferable to get a TV wall mount that supports a wide range of VESA patterns, so in case you change your TV in the future, your wall mount stays useful.

You should never forget to check the VESA pattern of your TV and compare it with the offered VESA patterns by the wall mount to make the best purchase. If you have any doubts, most manufacturers provide online consultancy to help customers choose the right VESA pattern range.

Swivel and tilt

You may think, why do you need your TV to swivel around when you can fix it in one comfortable position? Well, the swivel and tilt feature added to a full-motion TV wall mount reduces the glaring effects and helps you adjust the viewing angles.

Wires and ports

Wall-mounted flat screens should increase the space in your living room and make the place look cleaner. Hence, if you have various wires and devices connected to your TV like HDMI cable, Blu-Ray player, and gamer console, you might have difficulty creating the minimalist look you want to achieve.

These wires will probably ruin the aesthetics and create a mess if you don’t choose the perfect TV wall mount. Users can install these additional wires inside the wall with a little professional help. All you need to do is get the power outlet installed behind the TV, and then you can hide the TV cables and wires.

A second issue is the wires. There are plenty of covers for such cords and kits to make the wires look organized or camouflage them. You can look up these products under the category of cord caddies, a product to conceal cords. Apart from the wires, you also need to take care of the ports that you will need with your TV.

Most of the latest TVs have ports included at the sides of the screen. Hence, if you end up mounting your TV too close to the wall, it will make it hard for you to access USB, HDMI, or other such ports at the back, especially if your TV is curved.

Common questions about full motion TV wall mounts

What is a full-motion TV wall mount?

As the name suggests, a full-motion TV wall mount means adjusting the angles for the perfect view.

Does a full-motion TV wall mount move up and down?

Yes, that feature ‌makes a full-motion TV mount so unique.

What is the maximum weight capacity of a full-motion TV wall mount?

The maximum weight capacity varies depending on the specific manufacturer and model, but it typically ranges from 25 to 125 pounds (11.3 to 56.7 kilograms). Make sure to check the specifications of your chosen mount before purchasing and ensure that it’ll be able to support your TV.

How much space do I need between the wall and the full-motion TV wall mount?

This depends on both the size and weight of your TV as well as the type of mount that you choose. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine how much space you’ll need to properly install your mount.

Generally speaking, however, between 3” – 5” (7 cm – 13 cm) should allow enough clearance for most installations while also providing sufficient support for larger TVs weighing up to 125lbs (56 kg).

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