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Tiny bedroom? Here are some great bedside table ideas for small spaces

Even if your bedroom is tiny, you’re still going to want some type of bedside surface to put a few belongings on before you drift off to sleep. You’ll at least need a place to keep your phone within reach, as well as perhaps a book, a pair of eyeglasses, a glass of water, or other personal items. So, what do you do if there seems to be no room for your nightstand? Don’t fret — we’ve sought out the best ideas available to handle the matter and can’t wait to share our finds with you! Join us as we discover the best bedside tables for small spaces.

Hanging nightstand

A hanging nightstand is a great space-saver and is an ideal nightstand for a small bedroom. It offers a perfect spot for your belongings to rest bedside while leaving floor space open. Of course, hanging nightstands can have numerous looks, can be created at home with a DIY plan like this, or can be purchased at a variety of stores. They can either be hung from above or mounted on the wall beside the bed. The hanging nightstand above also has a handy flip-down shelf that can be lowered for additional space or lifted to save space, as well as a nook for storing books or other treasures.

Hanging shelves

Another amazing space-saving nightstand, the hanging shelf, is easy to create yourself using DIY instructions like this or this. You can also purchase them from a variety of places, depending upon what you need and how much you want to spend. There are lots of styles to choose from, too. For example, you can get hanging shelves with adjustable jute ropes so you can lengthen and shorten them as you wish. Look for shelves that come with mounting hardware, too, so they’re easy to place wherever you want them. Hanging shelves can hold anything from phones to pictures, books, plants, and much more.

Bedside shelf

A bedside shelf is perfect for the new college dorm resident working with tiny spaces for all their belongings. With plenty of room for phones, other devices, life-saving cups of coffee, and more, bedside shelves clamp conveniently to your bed frame and are also great for students studying from home (or folks working from home).

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf

Floating nightstand with charging station

Add a convenient charging station to your floating nightstand, and you’ll have all you need at your fingertips. Floating nightstands with charging stations can either be attached to your bed frame or mounted on the wall beside the bed. It makes sense to have a charger on your nightstand rather than needing to stretch cords across the room.

This highly convenient, minimalist item will be on the wish list of every student and professional you know.

Bedside caddy for kids or adults

If you truly have no space at all to work with aside your bed, a bedside caddy might be sufficient to hold some items for you. With multiple pockets for just about everything you could possibly need while in bed (from phones to tablets to books, stuffed animals, and more), a bedside caddy works over the top bunk of bunk beds, bedside along the frame of a regular bed, over the arm of an armchair, over the headboard, under the bed, and more.

Bedside cabinet

white cabinet with phone and makeup on top next to bed
Jeff Sheldon/Unsplash

A bedside cabinet is basic, yet functional. The drawers will slide open to hold whatever goodies you need to hide away for the night. The top surface will hold items that can’t fit inside the drawers or things you need to have more readily at your fingertips, such as your phone, tablet, bedside lamp, or bedtime reading material.

Floating bedside table with drawer

A rustic bedside table with a drawer offers everything a sleeper needs to stay comfy without needing to set foot out of bed overnight. Not only can you place your needed belongings within arm’s reach on top of it, but you can also stash your needed items inside the drawer and tuck it away for safekeeping all night.

With these nightstand ideas in mind, you can surely imagine something that might work for your bedside space — no matter how small it is — and you’re likely ready to begin your shopping now. Be sure to stop back regularly, as we update our guides as new information is found and provide timely articles keeping up with the trends and what’s hot in decor. We look forward to seeing what you did with your space. Happy searching!

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