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10 2024 kitchen design trends the experts love

One of these trends may be what your kitchen needs

modern coastal kitchen with minimal decor
Wirestock, Inc. / Alamy

2024 home design ushers in bold, exciting features, but how will this look in the kitchen? We talked to the experts to get an idea of what we can expect for 2024 kitchen design trends. This year is all about turning the house into a home with quirky and eclectic touches. Here are ten design trends we can expect.

Simple and modern styled kitchen counter
Katrina Era / Shutterstock

Texture is a must-have in the kitchen

Texture is also vital for pulling off an effective design. But this year, texture becomes the focal point and one of the must-have details to bring to your kitchen design.

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Alexander Adducci, Senior Designer and Sales Expert at 210 Design House, says, “Texture reigns supreme in 2024. These textures infuse spaces with warmth and create a harmonious environment.”

Barry Gant, Founder & CEO at 7 Day Kitchens, agrees, offering inspiration to homeowners looking to incorporate more texture into their spaces. “Rough wood mixed with smooth metal” is one example Gant shares on bringing texture to the kitchen. “It’s about creating a kitchen that’s a feast for the eyes and the fingertips.”

Floss Kelly from TileCloud says, “In 2024, kitchens will embrace a variety of textures, from luxurious marbles to rugged stone and organic timbers. This mix will add depth and create an immersive sensory experience.”

Fluted kitchen cabinet
PhotoMavenStock / Shutterstock

Fluted cabinets are adding much-needed details

Fluted cabinets are elegant, glamorous, and great for adding more visual appeal.

Mitchell Parker, Houzz home design expert Houzz senior editor, tells us, “Fluted details have been on display at design shows throughout the year, accenting everything from kitchen islands to bathroom vanities to living room furniture.” Parker says fluted cabinets are a great “detail beneath island countertops, bathroom vanities, and dining room tables.” Parker explains that adding fluted cabinets to the kitchen can help add much-needed “visual texture and interest,” something that is ultra-trendy in 2024.

a vintage cottage kitchen design and dining table
Andreas von Einsiedel / Alamy

Old aesthetics are making a comeback

Old aesthetics from decades past and vintage design styles are re-entering our spaces this year.

Mitchell Parker from Houzz says, “Modern homes are incorporating ‘old’ elements such as brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood elements and arches that offer ‘quiet luxury.’” Home design has seen these details in decades past, but they haven’t revisited our homes until the last few years. 2024 ushers in an era of reimagining these features in our kitchens.

Floss Kelly from TileCloud says, “We’re moving away from sterile looks to more comfortable, lived-in designs. Quirky appliances and surprising design choices will add personality and a playful touch, making kitchens feel more like a part of the home’s story.” Kitchens will feel homey and “lived-in” in 2024. Gone are the days of the bland white and black palettes or ultra-minimalist designs.

man working on computer
fizkes / Shutterstock

Multi-functional spaces continue to be sought for

Multi-functional spaces saw a boost during the pandemic. Even after many homeowners began commuting to work again, multi-functional furniture and rooms continued to trend. This year, the trend continues to be on the rise.

Barry Grant from 7 Day Kitchens says, “The kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. It’s where you might end up doing your Zoom calls or helping the kids with homework. The trend is leaning towards spaces that can switch roles as easily as you switch from coffee to wine.”

Artem Kropovinsky, Interior designer and founder at Arsight, adds to this, saying that “islands will also serve as the kitchens’ offices and storerooms.”

grey herringbone backsplash
ThomasPhoto / Shutterstock

Herringbone makes a statement

Herringbone tiles, flooring, and patterns are returning to our homes, making a statement in our spaces as homeowners and designers seek more pattern and texture in home design.

Mitchell Parker from Houzz says, “Herringbone is another classic design element that is experiencing a renaissance, becoming the go-to pattern for kitchens, bathrooms, and more.”

farmhouse style kitchen with open windows and shelving
BM_27 / Shutterstock

Shaker cabinets offer something simple

Jennifer Verruto, CEO and founder at Blythe Interiors, tells us that shaker cabinets will be something to expect in 2024 kitchen designs.

“It’s the year for skinny shaker cabinet doors!” Says Verruto, “Skinny shaker is a perfect choice for those looking for something clean, sophisticated, and modern and also works in more transitional spaces.”

While not everyone is ready to leap into bold patterns and grandiose features, shaker cabinets offer the comfort of simplistic and minimal design while remaining trendy and timeless for years to come.

modern black and white kitchen with oak cabinets
Paolo De Gasperis / Shutterstock

Homeowners are craving organic interiors

Jennifer Verruto says, “While warm organic kitchens have been in style for a while now, we saw a big increase in their popularity in 2023 and are excited to keep the trend going! Exposed beams, light oak cabinetry, antique bronze hardware, and zellige tile backsplashes are just a few of the ways we created this look for our clients.”

Green spaces, organic materials, handmade decor, and local craftsmanship are on many homeowners’ minds.

Danielle Nash, Interior Designer/Project Manager at Freemodel, reflects on Japandi Style. Japandi is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. She says we can see this style continuing to flourish in kitchens since it’s a “simplistic design, highlighting natural elements, and the minimalist lifestyle.”

modern kitchen with wooden countertops
Andreas von Einsiedel / Alamy

Curves are everywhere

Curves made a comeback last year. But designers say we can expect them nearly everywhere this year, including in the kitchen.

“According to Pinterest, one of their predictions for 2024 is a surge in ‘groovy 70s style,’” says Danielle Nash from Freemodel. “Curvy aesthetics mainly displayed through furniture will be an emerging trend for the upcoming year. Think curvy bar stools, fun curvy kitchen hardware, and rounded appliances.”

Orange and wood kitchen cabinets in brightly colored kitchen
Bulgac / Getty Images

Kitchens gain some bold features

Bold features will also gain prominence in 2024. From bright and vivid color palettes to striking feature walls, kitchens will show off some stunning centerpieces and focal points.

Danielle Nash from Freemodel says, “This upcoming year, people will go bolder.” She adds, “Now that people have gotten comfortable mixing and matching elements, expect this to be seen on display in the kitchen, such as antique, baking, material holders, antique, cast-iron pans, and any other type of unique collection.”

kitchen with wallpaper
Cinematographer / Shutterstock

Don’t shy away from the wallpaper

With bold palettes, patterns, and features returning to the kitchen, many homeowners aim to hop on the trend with wallpaper. As a re-emergence of home decor in the past, this trend fits right in with 2024 aesthetics.

Alexander Adducci from 210 Design House says, “Wallpaper, with its rich variety of tactile options, is set to make a strong comeback.”

2024 is the year of boldness, bright palettes, luxe features, timeless pieces, vintage aesthetics, and versatility. Homeowners crave a space that feels “lived in” and personal. Let your kitchen tell a story by inviting these design trends, shared by the experts, into your space.

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