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The best wallpaper

Give your home decor a refresh that won’t break the bank or involve the purchase and carrying of any heavy furniture. Wallpaper is a simple solution that goes a long way. These attractive applications are easy to use and a mess-free way to modernize your home.

In recent years, the popularity of wallpaper as a versatile solution to decorate and bring together the entire look of your home or a specific room has boomed. It can easily revamp your interior design while keeping costs low. Whether you prefer a bohemian style, an industrial vibe, or a classic pattern, our list features a variety of options to match your personal taste and style.

Very Berry Sticker Wood Wallpaper

Best overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Bring a vintage outdoor look to any interior with the Very Berry Sticker Wood Wallpaper. It features a distressed wood pattern that is perfect to create the popular “modern barnhouse” look. Waterproof and easy to install, this is a quality product that will last long and withstand daily use. This package includes two rolls of 19.6″ x 118″ each.

Cavalier Wall Liner Brick Wall Wallpaper

Best brick wallpaper

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want to add a loft-like decor to your house, the Cavalier Wall Liner Brick Wall Wallpaper is the way to go. The lifelike pattern is super realistic and is a great alternative for rental apartments that need a makeover to feel more unique and lived-in. A perfect upgrade.

RoomMates Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Best value wallpaper

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Give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new vibe with the RoomMates Peel and Stick Wallpaper, a gorgeous faux tile pattern that will bring Mediterranean aesthetics without breaking the bank. With its easy peel-and-stick application, this 100%-removable solution leaves no traces behind and needs no water or paste to install.

Create a stunning accent wall or redo an entire room with the convenience of wallpaper. These modern and decorative products are a beautiful way to revamp your home that can also be removed with ease. The items on our list are a curated selection of our favorite wallpapers to enhance the style of your home and your personal taste.

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