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These living room wall decor ideas make your room classy, modern, and fun

Revamping your living room? Try these tasteful and inviting decor ideas

If you’re decorating — or redecorating — your living room, you know that the wall decor sets the tone of the room. You want this space to be classy and modern, yet fun, comfortable, and inviting. So which living room wall decor ideas do you choose?

For living room walls that are just as tasteful as they are warm and exciting, try these six living room wall decor ideas.

Modern living room with large painting hanging behind the couch

Large painting

First, we’ll let you in on a little secret: One large statement piece on your wall will make your decor much more cohesive and refined than multiple wall decor pieces. So our first idea is to place a large painting on your wall. It can be abstract, scenic, or whatever screams “class” to you. That painting becomes a source of comfort to you when you lounge on your couch and a familiar sight for your guests.

Metal wall art

If paintings aren’t your thing, but you still want some artistry gracing the walls of your living room, hang up a piece of metal wall art. These elegant, eye-catching pieces are sure to complement the fun and classy sides of your space.

Wall sconces for wall lighting solutions


A good set of sconces can really tie together your wall decor. And similar to wall clocks, they may seem like a so-last-century style, but in reality, there are so many cool, contemporary ones to choose from out there. Plus, a pair of them can give symmetry and balance to your space.

Oversized wall clock

Keep it simple with a single, oversized wall clock. There are so many regal yet modern-looking, decorative wall clocks that you can buy to fit your space. We promise it’s not an old-school thing — this is a time-tested idea if you will, and it can still be hip.

Hanging indoor plant

Hanging plants

Plants will always be a good choice for any room in the house — we’re sure of it. When it comes to living room wall decor ideas, hanging indoor plants is a great one. You’ll need to install a few floating shelves on the wall that can hold your plants. We recommend staggering them for a fun, modern look.

Decorative mirrors

We saved our favorite for last: decorative mirrors. Nothing says classy and fun like some cool, circular mirrors. You can go with one big one or get a few small ones and arrange them however you’d like along the wall.

Living room wall decor ideas may come to you simply enough, but it’s always nice to have a specific vision for your space instead of hanging things up willy-nilly. If you’re specifically looking for a modern, classy, and fun look in your living room, we hope these living room wall decor ideas serve you and your home well.

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