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This timelapse video of Costco pumpkin pies disappearing is weirdly comforting

Learn how to make your store-bought Costco pumpkin pie even better

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin bread, this sweet, earthy flavor is the star of so many of our favorite autumn dishes. But is there anything better than pumpkin pie? Whether you serve it for the entire family at Thanksgiving dinner or as a treat just for you on a crisp, fall night, pumpkin pie is always a good idea.

And most everyone agrees — all you have to do is take a look at this timelapse video of Costco pumpkin pies disappearing from the shelves to understand that. (Bonus: It’s oddly soothing to watch.)

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Much like the beloved Costco rotisserie chicken, the Costco pumpkin pie is one item that seems to be inflation-proof (and given the way things have been going lately we can all use a win). Look around the internet and you can find plenty of copycat Costco pumpkin pie recipes. We fully support that if you love baking, but honestly? At $5.99 a pie, you might as well just add it to your shopping list (you know you’re headed to Costco this weekend anyway) and save yourself the time. (Or, you know, bake something else. We don’t judge. You can never have too much dessert.)

Redditors on the r/Costco subreddit were also quick to offer up their own ideas for making your Costco pumpkin pie taste even better (and we’ve added a few of our own).

  • Whipped cream. Lots and lots of whipped cream. Whether as a Thanksgiving dessert or a Sunday morning breakfast, pumpkin pie and whipped cream is the perfect pairing.
  • Consider other toppings. Are you a fan of sweet meringue? How about caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, or Nutella (possibly in addition to your whipped cream)? Do you prefer the spiciness of streusel? There are so many potential toppings that pair well with that pumpkin flavor.
  • Put it in the oven to firm it up a little. If you find store-bought pumpkin pie to be a bit mushy, a little time in the oven can be exactly what you need. (Plus, then you can move it onto your own serving plate and tell everyone you made it. It was in your oven, after all, so it’s almost true.)
  • Give your pie the crème brûlée treatment. If you want a topping that also firms up the pie a little, top the pie with fine white sugar, then caramelize it with a culinary torch.
  • Reuse your Thanksgiving dinner. Have some leftover cranberry sauce? Pour it on your pie.

Pumpkin pie is delicious. You can make your own, but at the Costco price, there’s nothing wrong with doing what everyone else does and getting a store-bought pie (you can still put your own spin on it if you want).

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