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Good, better, best: Our favorite luggage brands for every budget

Whether you’re planning a summer trip or fantasizing about your next adventure, it’s always a good idea to reevaluate your luggage needs. Over time, carry-ons and baggage can become worn, making for a not-so-fun scramble at the airport. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to purchase some new luggage.

These top luggage brands provide high-quality cases and packs for the whole family and include oversized packs for big trips as well as sturdy carry-ons. Whether you’re traveling solo or looking for a three-piece set for you and your loved ones, these are the best luggage brands to choose from.

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SHOWKOO is known for its sturdy luggage. This black three-piece set is excellent for people on business trips, as the design is sleek and professional, and the material is durable and damage-resistant. With this pick, frequent travelers don’t have to worry about fraying and tattered luggage. For added privacy and protection, each case comes with a TSA-safe lock, so TSA workers can inspect your luggage without damaging the lock!

The price for this set is steep, and SHOWKOO doesn’t have a ton of options for single and stand-alone carry-ons. However, as a set, this brand is super affordable, especially when you consider all of the handy features that come with each case. Each pack is deep-set with lined interiors and cross ribbons to protect your items.

What we liked about this brand

  • The TSA-only locks are easy to use and effectively protect your luggage.
  • The material of each case is durable and sturdy.
  • Each case is deep-set, allowing for lots of room when packing.

Better: Traveler’s Club

Traveler’s Club has a plethora of options for both solo and family travel. Whether you’re looking for a single carry-on or a set for the whole family, this brand is sure to deliver. The five-piece set is stylish and colorful so you can easily spot it at the baggage claim, but the design is also simple enough to accompany you during business trips. The set also includes a large and medium check case, a small carry-on case, a boarding tote, and a small toiletry bag.

The addition of these smaller bags makes traveling with luggage, whether on a plane or by car, more accessible and efficient. It also gives you another convenient option for organizing your things. Additionally, the boarding tote can rest snuggly on the large or medium case, making traveling through the airport less stressful. Every piece of the set has several pockets to store smaller items which can come in handy if you need your essentials on hand.

What we liked about this brand

  • The five-piece set is great for families, but because each item has a separate purpose, it’s also perfect for the frequent traveler with varying needs.
  • Each set comes in bright colors, so you’ll never lose your luggage at the pick-up stations.
  • The smaller totes are stackable, making traveling through the airport or to the hotel less stressful.

Best: Coolife

Coolife is one of the leading names in top-quality luggage for good reason. This brand offers one of the best three-piece sets on the market, so we’re sure you’ll be impressed with this pick. The oxford cloth material is water-resistant, and the sturdy lining makes this set ultra durable. Additionally, Coolife includes plenty of extra space for easy-to-access storage, as each case comes with front pockets.

The interior of each case is deep-set and comes complete with a mesh cloth to better organize all of your belongings. Through the company’s website, you can also purchase additional brightly colored cases to better keep track of your luggage as they circle the baggage claim.

What we liked about this brand

  • The cases are available in several different sizes and styles to suit anyone’s travel needs.
  • Each piece is made of a durable oxford cloth material that is water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Extra pockets provide maximum organization and storage.

With any of these options, you can navigate travel with ease and efficiency. There’s no need to worry about items breaking or wheels falling apart as you make a mad dash to your boarding gate. The cases are durable, water-resistant, and great for both families on a summer vacation or singles heading out on their next adventure.

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