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Our favorite premium kitchen gadget is on a deep discount (but there’s a catch)

If there’s one thing we really dislike in the 21Oak test kitchen, it’s a uni-tasker. We make a few exceptions (coffee grinder, we love you) but items that do one thing are typically not welcome. Our absolute favorite multi-tasker — the Breville Control Freak — is really expensive, but wow is it good. It’s also on a massive discount until October 31.

Typically $1,499.95 (yes, really) the Control Freak is 20 percent off until the end of the month. The catch? You will need to sign up for a ChefSteps Studio Pass.

If you’re unfamiliar with ChefSteps, please let us introduce you to one of the best cooking and food websites on Earth. Now owned by Breville, ChefSteps has a team of brilliant chefs and food scientists who thoroughly research each recipe they create. Studio Pass takes you right into their test kitchen with plenty of in-depth recipes and videos all aimed at making you a better cook.

And they will. Have you ever made risotto sous vide? It’s amazing, and so much simpler than the traditional method. Do it.

The Breville Control Freak is easily the best induction cooktop you can get. We really like the color screen and simple controls on the Control Freak. For those who want to level up, the Breville Control Freak also has programmable settings for anything you want to create. (Also, the startup chime that plays when you turn the Control Freak on is adorable.)

But really, the Breviile Control Freak does it all. As its name suggests, the Control Freak is obsessed with keeping things at a perfect temperature throughout your cook. No more wondering what the recipe author means by ‘simmer’ – the Control Freak keeps it at a simmer.

You can sauté, deep fry, boil, simmer, poach, temper, warm, hold, and reheat food with the Breville Control Freak, all with extreme precision. We’ve been tinkering with the Breville Control Freak (review coming soon) for a few weeks and simply can’t find a reason to dislike it. Deep fryers are incredibly fun gadgets to have in the kitchen, but they’re usually big and cumbersome. Deep fryers also lose temperature quickly; the Control Freak’s probe control keeps your oil (or broth, or water, whatever) at the desired temperature constantly. Not only is it a multi-tasker, it’s also a better deep fryer than — well, a deep fryer.

We won’t pretend the Breville Control Freak is not expensive. We also don’t think you’d regret purchasing one, and Studio Pass is definitely worth it. This deal will also make your Thanksgiving preparations much easier, and we can’t recommend ChefSteps’ sous vide turkey recipe enough.

So, what’s the total damage, here? Studio Pass is $69 per year, and until October 31 (or while supplies last) the Breville Control Freak is $1,199.96. Seems like a lot to spend (because it is) but you’ll be a better cook if you splurge a bit and take ChefSteps up on this offer.

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