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Our 12 favorite tricks for increasing bathroom storage space

A large bathroom with ample storage and counter space is, unfortunately, a luxury. However, having a smaller bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have fewer places to tuck away your shampoo bottles, towels, toiletries, and other bath necessities.

With a few minor additions, you can increase counter space, maximize under-utilized areas, and create unique storage solutions for all of your bathroom needs. Some methods take advantage of items you likely already have around the house and others require simple storage solutions you can purchase online. Regardless of your space-creating approach, you can transform your bathroom to get the space you need and the organization makeover you deserve.

rolled up towelsTowel time

No linen closet? No problem! These solutions keep towels neat, organized, and within easy reach — no matter how limited your bathroom storage space is.

Baskets of towels: By sticking rolled-up bath and hand towels inside an array of cute baskets below the vanity, you’ve not only solved your towel space dilemma but added a decorative element as well.

Over-the-toilet etagere: You may not have a lot of counter space or mounted cabinetry in a smaller bathroom, but you do have empty walls. Take advantage of the dead space above your toilet and add stylish, economically priced over-the-toilet etageres. This creates tons of extra space for towels, spare rolls of toilet paper, and toiletries. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you can gain several shelves worth of space in an otherwise purely decorative area.  

Wine towel rack: A rolled-up towel is just about identical in size and shape to a bottle of wine. Get a little creative and use a wall-mounted wine rack as an impromptu towel rack that provides practical storage with a stylish edge.

Install an over-the-door towel rack: No floor space? No problem. Simply nail a tiered shelf above the door frame to keep towels and other linens well within reach. If you can’t easily reach the top of the door frame, keep a folding step stool on the side of the vanity or toilet. 

Bathroom drawer with dividerIncrease counter space

Keeping as many items off the counter as possible is the best way to declutter your bathroom counter. Instead of leaving various items littered around the counter, create designated homes for your quick-access items to clear up space and stop playing hide and seek with your toiletries.

Drawer trays: Tuck a few divided drawer organizers inside bathroom cabinet drawers to keep makeup, hair ties, nail files, and other everyday items organized and out of sight.

Wall-mounted holders: Keep your daily necessities within reach by mounting items like toothbrush holders, soap, or lotion dispensers directly to the wall.  

Canisters & jars: Keeping a few well-chosen items on the counter in decorative jars can manage clutter and keep everyday items like cotton balls and swabs tidy, organized, and sanitary.

Stack Shelves: Create storage space out of thin air by adding bracketed shelves over the toilet, on either side of the bathroom vanity, or on another empty wall. The more items that go onto shelves, the fewer that go on top of counters.

Two bathroom towels hanging on hooksMore ways to improve your lack of bathroom storage 

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks: Utilize the wall space and stick hooks on the walls for hanging towels, robes, and other bathroom necessities.

Over-the-door hanging storage: Don’t allow wasted bathroom real estate to go unused. Utilize the back of your bathroom door by adding an over-the-door hanging rack to store the items you need and keep them off the bathroom counter. 

Repurposed bar cart: Your rolling booze cart can double as the perfect linen closet on wheels. Place towels, toilet paper rolls, and cleaning supplies in the lower baskets, while leaving toiletries in small containers on the top. 

Shower caddies are for more than showers: Instead of just one shower caddy, pick up two or three. Keep one in the tub and the others under the sink as the perfect spot for extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner, cleaning supplies, bath lotions, and more. 

Everyone could use more space in the bathroom. Unfortunately, without gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch, the amount of space you have won’t really change very much. With the addition of a few storage items and some practical tips and tricks, you can maximize the space you have and get the organized bathroom of your dreams regardless of square footage.

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