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Elevate your next gathering with these 6 unique cocktail glasses

Entertaining can be more than just gathering friends and family and feeding them. Choosing the right music, lighting, food, and, yes, even glassware can set the mood for your party. Cocktail glasses may not be something that you would ordinarily pay attention to but, there are different types of cocktail glasses for a reason. Some types of cocktails require many ice cubes, while some are served without any ice at all. Sometimes a cocktail is best in a glass with a stem, and sometimes a rocks glass or a Tom Collins glass is more fitting. If all of this is confusing to you, don’t worry; proper glassware isn’t what we’re here to discuss. Regardless of what you know about cocktail glasses, unique ones are cool, and here are our favorites.

Blush Verona Tumblers

This is a set of four 11-ounce glass tumblers that are made in Italy. The glasses are a beautiful blush color and have Victorian-era designs embossed on them. These glasses are sturdy enough for everyday use but unique enough to use only at cocktail parties. The glasses would be great for mixed drinks since they are small enough to hold while standing and mingling but large enough to contain some ice, liquor, and a splash of mixer. Green garnishes will look beautiful next to the pink-colored glasses.

Waterfall Stemless Wine Glasses

This is a set of four 10-ounce hand-painted crystalline glasses from the Czech Republic. Available in both Honey and Purple Motif color options, wine is not the only drink to enjoy out of these. The beautiful colors will make any drink with bubbles look iridescent and irresistible. Stemless wine glasses are great for cocktail parties, too, since they are easier to carry around than glasses with stems.

Clear Geometric Old Fashioned Glasses

This set of two 11-ounce old-fashioned glasses are super chic with their geometric design. The glass is thick and hand-blown, so each glass has a sturdy feel and a crafted lip. The glass is excellent for wine, brandy, whiskey, and more. Drinks with fruity or colorful garnishes will shine in these glasses since they are clear.

Favorite Boho Tumbler

This ceramic tumbler is 10 ounces and comes all by its lonesome. That’s OK, though, since these food-safe stoneware tumblers come in enough different colors to mix and match. Perfect for keeping drinks cold and adding a bit of color to your table, these tumblers are dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus when it comes to glassware.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools

Though this cocktail shaker and bar tools aren’t technically cocktail glasses, they do have to do with cocktails, and they look cool, so the set makes the list. This stainless steel cocktail shaker set is made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and comes with a 24-ounce cocktail shaker, a .5/1-ounce jigger, one Hawthorne strainer, and one bar spoon. The shaker is sturdy and does not leak, and the metallic rainbow finish will surely catch the eye of your guests at your next party.

Tulip Pint Glasses

If you have a party and serve beer, having a few good pint glasses on hand is always a plus. This set of Tulip Pint Glasses is perfect for beer lovers and functional enough to be a water glass during the week. Each glass is 16 ounces, and the unique shape exists to enhance the beer-drinking experience by releasing the beverage’s aroma. The glasses are also easy to hold and feel sturdy in your hand. Not everyone likes to drink beer out of a glass, but those who do will appreciate these pint glasses.

When you hear the word glassware, you may think of fancy restaurants with too many glasses on the table. But cocktail glasses are fun, and unique ones are all over the place. Unique cocktail glasses can add color to your next dinner party table, be a conversation starter for your guests, and hold drinks, of course.

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