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This tiny home kit is the perfect home office – and it’s less than $6,000

As far as offices are concerned, trends are moving in one direction—into homes. With more and more businesses running remotely, employees have had to turn seldom-used guest rooms, a corner of their basement, or a portion of a living room into home offices. Some days, nothing beats the ease of no commute and a Zoom-ready top with pajama bottoms, but there can be some pitfalls—a crying toddler, your spouse walking through the room on repeat, or the distraction of all the other things you could be doing at home.

What if, instead, you could have your very own space? One that was steps from your actual home but a self-contained sanctuary. The Allwood Escape Cabin may just be the tiny home office of your dreams.

Why we love it

This 113-square-foot tiny home kit can be ordered on Amazon and shipped directly to you. It arrives with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need to assemble it. One reviewer on Allwood’s website said, “the quality of the wood and hardware is top shelf. There are a lot of good products out there but to find a company with both great products and top-notch customer service is unusual. My emails and calls were followed up right away and made the entire experience pleasurable!”

Fashioned out of Nordic spruce, the Escape Cabin has a charming design that is reminiscent of a European cabin tucked in the woods. We especially love the front overhang, which offers a place to sit outside with protection from the sun and rain. Getting fresh air while at work has never been so easy.

Once assembled, it is up to you how far you want to go to both winterize and customize your tiny home. Inside, the warm wood offers a cozy atmosphere, but you can get creative with flooring, furnishings, and decor to make it all yours. It is large enough to accommodate a desk, shelving, and a small seating area, and there are several customization options available as well, in case you feel like adding a bit more square footage or some double-paneled walls.

Why a tiny house?

Adding on to a home or renovating what is already there can be not only messy but expensive. The average small addition to a home starts at a minimum of $25,000. Not to mention the impact construction can have on your everyday life. With the Allwood Escape starting at under $7,000, it is an economical option even with upgrades.

Most tiny home kits include walls, a roof, and a base, but do not include electrical, plumbing, or any creature comforts—for that, you’ll have to contact a local professional. However, they don’t require nearly as much time, money, or resources to build because of their small size. The only necessity is a backyard or plot of land large enough to house it.

Tiny house ideas

Maybe you don’t need a home office but love the idea of a little added square footage. A decade ago, the tiny home movement may have begun as a way to live a pared-down lifestyle, but these days people are finding many other uses for them. Here are some other tiny house ideas:

  • Exercise space: How about a yoga retreat, a devoted peloton studio, or a meditation space?
  • Bunkhouse: Remember summer camp? The feeling of sleeping in the great outdoors. Create your own summer cabin by adding bunk beds, rustic decor, and a firepit just outside.
  • Entertaining space: Who says you need to leave home to go out? Why not have your own spot to invite friends and enjoy a few cocktails.

Once a minimalist housing trend, tiny homes have now become the ideal solution for those who work from home but find that the confines of their main residence no longer suit their many needs. Give this amazing home a try — it’s so easy to assemble and beautifully designed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner!

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