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The one quick change that will totally transform your bathroom

If you need a quick bathroom change, there’s one thing you can do that will make a significant impact with almost no effort. Decluttering your bathroom is a game changer no matter what, and we’re willing to bet your bathroom is full of things you don’t actually need. Take three hours and get down to business.

Nothing helps a space look better than removing the things that are always in your way. For your bathroom, whether it’s decorations you’ve gotten bored with or just the day-to-day items you use and forget to put back, it’s time for a declutter session to remind you why you like your bathroom in the first place.

Bathroom with sink and shower
Chastity Cortijo/Unsplash

Tackle the surfaces

Take a look around — decorations on the back of your toilet, things hanging on the wall. It’s cluttered, and just removing things can give you room to breathe. Start by taking everything out and bringing nothing back in.

If you still want a few decorations here and there, think about the items you absolutely love and find a place for them. If it’s a plant for some green, that’s wonderful. If it’s a single print on the wall, that can make a bold, yet minimalist statement.

You could also remove the visual clutter by removing your printed shower curtain and replacing it with a solid white or even a clear option. This fools the eye into thinking you have more square footage than you really do, especially if your walls are white, also.

Take things off the sink and hang them on the wall. Minimalist toothbrush holders or small cubbies that can hold your essentials help keep your sink surfaces clutter-free. Even a hanging soap dispenser can make a big difference.

Clear your storage

How many of the things in your medicine cabinet do you really need? Streamline what’s in there and then organize. Using small containers, group like things together so that you can find them and then toss old medicines, expired makeup, and things you don’t use.

Do the same for your cabinets and any cubbies or shelves you have. This is the time to be ruthless about the things you’re storing in the bathroom. Removing the visual clutter from your storage can also help refresh your bathroom’s overall feeling.

Bathroom with tub and sink
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Check the floors

One big thing cluttering up your bathroom is keeping your storage on the floor, says Better Homes & Gardens. One small basket for extra toilet paper may not be a big deal, but if you have multiple baskets all over your floor, it can weigh down the look of your bathroom.

This is time again to be ruthless about what you’re keeping in your bathroom. If it’s things you absolutely must have, consider how you might store higher up out of your direct line of vision. High shelves could draw the eye up and make you feel like you’ve got more space around your feet.

Declutter your shower and tub

How are you storing things? Is it a tower of bath products that you barely use? Take the time to clean out your shelving, the sides of your tub, or your hanging baskets. Keep the things you must have in your shower every day and arrange them on a shelf away from the sides of your tub.

Decluttering in the shower gives you more space and a peaceful sight line. You won’t knock things over, and you’ll always have what you need. And those almost empty bottles of shampoo you’re keeping? Toss them now.

Clean up regularly

We know you probably hate hearing this, but if you have a small space (and even if you don’t), taking a few minutes to clean your bathroom and remove clutter will go a long way to ensuring you always have a calm space.

Cleaning up a little each time allows you to keep your bathroom streamlined and clutter-free. It’s incredible what a minimal, organized bathroom with just the essentials can do for your overall mood each time you go in there.

Bathroom with sink and toilet
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Transform with mindfulness

If you take a look at your things, there are probably quite a few items you keep because you feel like you have to or because it’s a habit. If you keep your bathroom clear of anything you don’t need daily and straighten up as you go, your space will improve in just a few small actions.

Deciding how to decorate is fun, and renovations are awesome, but take a little time to declutter and streamline your things. You’ll be able to keep your bathroom cleaner, and it will always look great for guests.

Remove the visual clutter and keep only the things you love for a quick, easy-to-do bathroom refresh.

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