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6 incredible bedroom accessories you can have delivered right now

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place you go to to get away from it all. Designing a restful, serene space is about incorporating more than just the basics. It is creating an oasis with accessories that bring warmth, comfort, and style. Here are our picks to take yours from simply a place to sleep to a destination in itself.


Bedrooms should not just have one solitary light. There should be multiple sources that all have different functions. The main source provides what is known as ambient light, task lighting is used for specific uses such as reading, and the accent lights give the room more personality. This deep blue Origami Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel has a unique design that mimics folded paper. Its crisp white shade offsets the rich sapphire hue of its base.

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Area rug

Rugs bring more visual interest to any room. Not only are they another way to tie together other design elements, but they also offer softness and warmth underfoot. Have carpets already? Area rugs can be layered on top and will establish designated zones such as a sleeping or a sitting area. This West Elm Souk Wool Rug is handwoven from one hundred percent wool. It comes in two colors, but more options are available if you have it made-to-order.

A cozy throw

Creating the perfect bed is all about layering. You may have outfitted yours with stylish bedding, but a soft throw blanket at the foot of the bed will add an extra layer of texture. Wrap it around your shoulders when sitting in bed watching television or curling up with a book in a reading chair. This Cozy Pom Pom Throw from Pottery Barn offers super soft, cozy comfort, and it is available in six colors.


No room is complete without some visual inspiration. In the bedroom, the art you select should convey tranquility and relaxation. These two Bauhaus-inspired Victoria Borges prints from World Market feature soft, semi-transparent colors that meld together. The artist, Victoria Borges, takes her inspiration from nature and impressionism.

Throw pillows

Every cozy space should have an accent pillow. Layered on a bed or seating area, they marry the other elements together. The key is to vary the sizes and shapes and mix textures and fabrics. The Navin Print Pillow Cover gets its inspiration from antique rugs with muted, aged colors that bring the perfect mix of worldly and boho to your space.

Pottery Barn’s Faux Sheepskin Pillow Covers have the feel of genuine sheepskin and adds a plush, inviting touch to any bed. Their warm white color is easy to pair with bedding and is machine washable.


Studies show that botanicals reduce stress and clean the air. Bringing them into your bedroom can greatly increase your mental well-being. This Bird of Paradise Plant from West Elm is a great choice because it will do well in almost any light and is easy to care for.

To house your new plant, we love these Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planters. The ceramic bowls come in various finishes and sit on tapered wood legs that give them a greater presence.

Don’t have a green thumb but still love the look of plants? This Crate and Barrel Artificial Jade Plant brings the sculptural beauty of a succulent and would work well on a tabletop or dresser.

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