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7 fantastic bathroom design ideas experts say will be everywhere in 2024

Considering a change for your bathroom? Here are some ideas

Black and white bathroom design / Adobe Stock

The new year reigns in plenty of opportunity and inspiration for updating our interiors. While some design styles and techniques are falling out of fashion, others are springing up, captivating many homeowners and designers by offering unique and refreshing perspectives.

If you’re curious about the design ideas experts say will be everywhere in 2024, keep reading. Here are some of the greatest bathroom design ideas and trends to look forward to this year.

Blue and white tile behind the bathroom sink
immo RENOVATION / Unsplash

Organic, eccentric, and textured tiles will be trending

One trend that has taken interior design by storm is the use of organic and textured tiles.

Thomas Borcherding, lead designer and owner of a firm called Homestar Design Remodel, said, “I am seeing tile manufacturers (who perform vast amounts of market research) put out eccentric tiles, such as geometric and textured tiles […] Tile manufacturers are putting out tiles that feature a unique touch to them.”

Handmade tiles like zellige Moroccan tiles or hand-glazed ceramic tiles are gaining popularity. People adore the artistry and organic look of these tiles as opposed to the more rigid and simplistic tiles used in years past. “It’s becoming more common to find a tile that has a raised wave pattern on it or a steel-wire brush stroke on its surface,” Borcherding commented.

Luxury bathroom Interior with shower, toilet, mirror, and yellow towels
duoanimation / Shutterstock

Homeowners crave artisan pieces

Aside from handmade tiles, artisan pieces, in general, have garnered the attention of homeowners and designers alike.

Samantha Odo, real estate sales representative and Montreal division manager at Precondo, explained, “The trend toward personalized elements and custom, handmade features […] has made much headway for U.S. consumers.” Some examples of how homeowners can invite these more organic crafted pieces into their bathrooms include:

  • Opting for handmade tiles
  • Using an artisan, hand-glazed ceramic sink
  • Adding handmade pottery or other decor items to your shelves
  • Investing in fine art for the wall (secured in the proper frame with moisture-resistant sealing)
  • Seeking out unique craftsman light fixtures

Incorporating hand-crafted pieces in your bathroom design is a great way to hop on the latest 2024 trends. Odo added, “Handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities, and other bespoke elements create a feeling that the homeowner has something truly unique and special.”

Bathroom with aqua vanity
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

More pattern and more color will continue to be a must-have in 2024

We saw an uptick in patterns and bold colors for many homeowners in the past two years. From maximalism to bold colors of the year, more vibrant and exciting patterns and tones have been on many homeowner’s minds.

Dominique Bonet, lead designer at LD&D, stated, “A limited but impactful use of patterns will offer emphasis, while there may be a move away from matte black products.” As people move away from neutral interiors, opting for bright colors and patterns in the bathroom is increasingly popular.

Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder at Arsight added, “With tiles and wallpapers with bold geometric designs, bathrooms will have a modern flavor in 2024.”

Black tiled bathroom wall with natural wood pieces
asbe / Getty Images

Curves and rounded features will be in favor

Curves and rounded furniture or decor pieces were trending last year. This year, it continues to be a welcome addition to many spaces.

Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors, explained, “Introducing rounded shapes, like arched vanity mirrors, brings a softness and beautiful juxtaposition against often linear vanities.” Many homeowners have also considered tackling grander renovations by adding archways in their bathrooms, either as a divide in the room, an arch above the tub, or painted/tiled arches on the walls to add more curves.

“Arches also provide an air of sophisticated antiquity that we absolutely love,” Verruto continued, “while remaining versatile enough to pair with a variety of design styles.”

Luxury bathroom Interior with shower, toilet, mirror, and yellow towels
duoanimation / Shutterstock

Metallics continue to add more flair to the bathroom

A design expert at Vanities Depot told homeowners, “Enhance your bathroom’s look with the sumptuous attraction of glossy metallics, particularly the new trend of brushed golds in a variety of finishes.” With elegance and luxe design increasing in favor by many homeowners, brushed golds and other richly toned metallics are trending.

Some ways to enhance metallics in the bathroom in 2024 interior design include:

  • Adding metallics to fixtures
  • Swapping our hardware
  • Investing in wall frames
  • Opting for a mirror with a metallic edge
  • Choosing small metallic decor items like trays, figurines, planters, and more
Small bathroom with blue tiles and floating sink
Oscar Wong / Getty Images

Vintage pieces and antiques are ultra trendy in 2024

Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky told us, “Antique mirrors and classic tiles add a dash of timeless elegance to vintage accents’ juxtaposition of nostalgia with modernity.” As homeowners begin searching for more organic and handmade pieces, it’s no surprise that vintage aesthetics are on the rise.

Design expert from Vanities Depot suggests incorporating “themes with a vintage flair amid contemporary components to give your area a welcome, lived-in sense.”

Dark black bathroom wall color with natural decor
Siwakorn TH / Shutterstock

Luxe and elegant designs are key themes this year

Alongside bold patterns and rich metallics, experts say that luxe and glam design styles are becoming must-haves in 2024.

Dominique Bonet from LD&D, explained, “Vanities will earn the spotlight by stretching across a whole wall.” She added that “slabs from floor to ceiling behind a vanity, rather than small backsplashes [are] a bold, yet elegantly cohesive touch.” Grand vanity displays add a glamorous and luxurious feel to the bathroom. Additionally, they offer a sense of opulence to the space. Paired with vintage aesthetics, the trendy “old money” design style is becoming increasingly popular in the new year.

Vintage aesthetics, elegant amenities, handmade pieces, and bold palettes are coming to our homes in 2024. According to the experts, we can expect these trends to gain popularity as the year continues.

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