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The best jars for fun and easy storage

One of the latest uses of jars is custom-made gifts and party favors. With creativity and a bit of manual work, you can create amazing memories for all your guests and provide them with a memento they will actually use and not just stick in the cabinet. Check out this curated collection with the best jars we could find in the whole wide web.

Preserving your food in clear, airtight jars is a terrific way to avoid waste and create variety in your daily diet. A pantry full of this classy storage solution will not only look super organized but also stylish and modern. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and sealing methods, our suggested options will make your food storage fun and easy.

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77L Glass Storage Jar

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The 77L Glass Storage Jar is the premium choice to store food, spices, candies, and other edibles. The thickened glass is incredibly resistant and includes bamboo lids with silicone sealing rings to keep an airtight environment and your food fresh and safe.

Weck Mini Tulip Jar

Best Tulip Jars

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Bring some cuteness to your pantry with the Weck Mini Tulip Jar. Shipped in a wonderful six-pack with six rings and 12 securing clamps, this kit has everything you need to start showing off your preserves and home goods. The jars feature top-quality glass that is built to last, along with the classic shape and design that makes them so sought-after.

Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars

Best Drinking Jar

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you are looking for the best jar for drinks, the Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars are a wonderful set of 12 drinking mugs with handles and embossed decorations. Perfect for your entertaining at home, summer grilling, and all your other parties.

Become the master of storage and organization with our carefully selected list of the best jars out there to keep your home looking great and tidy. These versatile containers are a staple of every American kitchen, and now you can join in this vintage trend.

For more, take a look at our list of the best cookie jars that do a great job of keeping your sweets fresh and flavorful.

The best short extension cords to minimize wasted room space
the best short extension cords for your home black cord

It can be frustrating when you need a 1- or 2-foot extension cord to plug in a lamp, but you only have extension cords that are 6 feet or longer. To avoid that scenario, make sure you have short extension cords on hand, such as these useful models.

Measuring 1 to 3 feet in length, a short extension cord helps fill the gap between an electrical device’s cord and the closest electrical outlet. When you encounter such a gap, consider these helpful short extension cords.
Etekcity Short Power Extension Cord
Best overall

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The best amber glass bottles to safely store your stuff
Lavender flowers and aromatherapy oil, studio shot

Match these bottles with the perfect dispensing method like spray misters, pipettes, and pumps for the best way to store all your precious liquid potions. We have researched far and wide to compile only the top products made with great materials that are built to last. Pick out the best amber glass bottle from our selection and you are good to go.

By filtering blue light, the best amber glass bottles are able to extend the shelf life of many products from skincare to beer. They are environmentally friendly since they can be reused and easily recyclable. Check out the amazing options on our list.
PrettyCare Amber Glass Eye Dropper Bottles
Best Overall

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The best paper straws for drinking while being eco-friendly
the best paper straws with stripes brazilian drink caipirinha ingredients

Make your next party green and fashionable with paper straws. Show off with some cute drinks that taste even more refreshing when you sip them out of an eco-friendly paper straw. Your guests will love them and so will the earth.

Plastic straws aren’t just harmful to the environment but are also unhealthy for the people who use them. Keep toxic chemicals out of your body and decorate your favorite beverages with fashionable paper straws. They are the ideal alternative to go green while you enjoy the contemporary look and natural feel of paper straws. Let’s take a look at our favorites.
Comfy Package Paper Drinking Straws
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