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6 simple vintage wallpaper patterns you can find online

Vintage wallpaper adds an elegant and eclectic feel to any home. With so many decades of patterns to choose from, modernists and maximalists alike can find something that suits their unique style, be it muted floral prints or ’70s inspired designs. These simple yet impactful vintage wallpaper patterns will upgrade your living space, and you can ship them all right to your doorstep.

Green and gold diamond print

A green and gold diamond print is a timeless, classic style. Perfect for homes that favor an elegant and sophisticated touch, diamond prints like this one can add a vintage look to your home. This design features a warm, aged green paired with stunning gold accents, perfect for homeowners who prefer a cottage look or Victorian-inspired design.

Why we like it:

  • The muted colors aren’t too bold or overbearing.
  • The muted gold and green add soft color that complements natural aesthetics.

A groovy and colorful ’70s style

If you are a mid-century modern enthusiast, a lover of retro design, or simply want a bold wallpaper to take center stage in your home, then this style is for you. Backed by a rich navy, the print on this wallpaper is fun, colorful, and lively. It features a colorful woodland pattern with trees, flowers, and small fruits, injecting a little fun into your living space.

Why we like it:

  • The nature theme brings a bit of the outdoors inside for a refreshing feel.
  • The navy color keeps this wallpaper grounded, preventing it from becoming too overbearing.

Feminine floral pattern

If you’re looking for a softer, more delicate option, then this light and airy floral wallpaper could be just what you’re looking for. Small white flowers are the focus of this print, backed by a soft gray to make for a more neutral pattern. Yellow accents scattered throughout add more dimension and invite a pop of color into this muted wallpaper.

Why we like it:

  • The soft tones make this a versatile wallpaper.
  • The floral pattern incorporates a vintage appeal without making a room look dated.

Victorian-inspired stripes

These Victorian-inspired stripes add a touch of romance to a farm or country home. Stunning pale blue stripes descend on this wallpaper alongside faded roses on a vintage coffee paper background. The design is soft and elegant, conjuring images of classic novels and demure debutantes.

Why we like it:

  • Victorian-inspired wallpaper is a classic, timeless design.
  • The pale colors complement natural materials in a traditional or rustic design.

Black and white muted floral

For people who aren’t interested in heaps of color, check out this black and white floral pattern. Its sweet, simple design can add dimension and visual interest to homes while still keeping things minimal. Contemporary and modern lovers alike may favor this wallpaper as an accent to their existing design.

Why we like it:

  • The black and white colors are gentle and minimal.
  • Thanks to the simplistic design, this wallpaper could look great with a variety of spaces or as an accent wall.

Classic woodland animal print

Fortune favors the bold, so explore your wild side with this woodland print. An antiquated beauty, this wallpaper features small woodland creatures amidst small twigs and other greenery. This print will add a touch of whimsy and vitality that looks lovely in a nursery, library, or powder room. The soft colors and busy design are better suited for rustic, cottage, and southern homes.

Why we like it:

  • The animal print is fun and quirky.
  • The colors are rich and complex, making for an eye-catching design.

Vintage wallpaper can elevate your home’s design and bring new life to a by-gone era. These patterns are quirky, colorful, and will create grand statements and feature walls within your existing design. Add complexity to your walls during your next DIY project, and revamp your existing look with these fun wallpaper patterns that are full of character.

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