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11 bathroom DIYs that take an hour or less

You may have recently decluttered your bathroom – and then quickly realized how much it still needs a revamp. If you don’t have much time to spend on the matter, give these 11 ideas a glance. Each alteration should take an hour or less, so you can spruce up your bathroom and still enjoy your weekend after you’re done!

Stencil on one row of tile

Select something simple but eye-catching for an easy single row of stenciling on your plain bathroom tile. This upgrade shouldn’t take longer than half an hour, and it adds a pop of color and interest where there once was none. Need ideas for your stencils? Royal Design Studio has limitless options, like this Granada Border Stencil, which is a throwback to old Andalusian Spain at 12.25” W x 7″ H and can be purchased for $25.

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Helpful hint: Choose a row you don’t need to stand on a ladder to reach.

Mount a towel warmer

For a little visual flair that warms your towels to boot, grab a wall-mounted towel warmer. No matter what style you’ve selected for your bathroom, there’s a towel warmer to work with it. For starters, take a peek at this Polished Chrome Glow Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer for $200 from Wayfair, available in polished chrome, matte black, or brushed nickel. It measures 16.5” H x 23.5” W x 5.5” D, and it weighs 4.2 pounds. Made of stainless steel, it takes about 20 minutes to warm up towels completely.

Swap out your drawer pulls

If you’ve got anything with drawers in your bathroom, consider taking the old knobs off of it in favor of more colorful, interesting pieces. We especially like these Blue Mosaic Knobs – Set of 2, from Etsy for $10 (For this price, you can grab a few more if you’ve got other knobs you want to swap out elsewhere). Vibrantly colored, these are pretty enough to be mistaken for jewelry. It’s also a perfect way to zhuzh up a rented unit, since it’s not a permanent change, and it most certainly makes a statement. Get these or something similar from KnuckleheadKnobs on Etsy.

Fancy up your floor

You may not have time for a full set of tiles, but you could easily lay down some peel-and-stick vinyl pieces for a cheerful new floor. These go down easily and are quite impressive for the price. Check out Amazon’s FloorPops Fontaine Peel & Stick Tiles Floor Decals at $10. (Each package comes with 10 tiles, each .06-inches in depth). They’re easy to wash, water resistant, and are simple to peel and stick.

First things first, make sure your floors are clean at all times.

Condense your clutter with a tray

Never fumble through cluttered drawers and cabinets looking for conditioner or eye cream again. Gather all your essentials and organize them onto one beautiful tray on your bathroom counter instead. Pottery Barn has a gorgeous Pressed Glass Tray (6″ L x 12″ W x 1″ H) for $30, with additional features to be added in separately like a toothbrush holder, soap dish, and lotion pump.

Put up statement wallpaper

Pick your wall and carefully apply some stick-on statement wallpaper to make your bathroom pop. Bungle in the jungle with this banana-leaf Tempaper from Bloomingdale’s for $130. It’s self-adhesive and removable, very attractive and high quality. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Dimensions are 11 yards L (for a double roll) x 20.5″ W, and it’s made in America. Go for same-day delivery, standard delivery, or pick up in a store near you.

Do a quick repaint/touch-up of your vanity cabinet

Does your vanity need a touch-up or a quick coat of paint? Try a NUVO Coconut Espresso Cabinet Makeover Paint Kit for $70 from Walmart. If you’re focused and prepared in advance, this should be an easy paint job. You won’t need to strip or prime for this kit, nor will you even need to remove the cabinet doors. Just get to painting! You won’t need a top coat, either. Works great on most surfaces and covers up to 100 square feet, perfect for most standard cabinets.

Brighten things up with new lighting

Swap out that sleepy ceiling light for a dazzling new fixture, install a sparkly vanity light, or go for some fancy new light switch covers. This Soho 3-Light Flush Mount fixture should shed some light on things for $140 at All Modern. Chic and minimalist, its dimensions are 8” H x 15” W x 15” D and it has a brushed nickel finish. Comes with a one-year warranty.

Replace your faucet

It’s probably a lot easier than you think — and it makes a big difference in the way your bathroom looks! Just look over the instructions before you start to make sure you have all the proper tools on hand, and hopefully a partner to help out. (Make sure you turn off the water supply first.) Hudson Reed has an elegant Elizabeth Single Hole Mixer Faucet in brushed gold for $180 and free shipping. Dimensions are W 8.5” x D 5.1” x H 6.7”, and it’s available in several other finishes, as well. Comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Beautify your trash can or swap it out for an upcycle

You can paint it yourself with some stencils (or free hand, if you’re up for it!) or go for another artist’s hand-painted work, like this exceptional Peruvian Waste Basket and Tissue Box Bundle covered with Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises. It’s $230 on Etsy from DuCoteDuParc. You can add personalization free of charge, and shipping is free.

Hoping for a less-pricey option? Give this section a browse.

Hang some pretty curtains

Whether it’s a new set of window curtains or a pretty new shower curtain (or both!), getting some light, bright fabric up in the bathroom can really make a difference in your morning — or any other time of day.

Serena & Lilly have some lovely choices, like this 100%-cotton French Tassel Shower Curtain for $80 (72 square inches). It offers a tidy, simple look with blue or your choice of four other colors around the edges, and is machine washable, as well.

Bed Bath & Beyond has window curtains like this fun Anchors Away 45-Inch Bath Window Curtain Panel in navy for $25. It measures 45″ L x 32″ W, and its panels work on a 4-inch diameter rod.

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