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The best ceiling lights

Create impressive lighting designs and change the look and feel of your space. Bring warmth and charm and take advantage of the natural features of any space. Hanging ceiling lights are a great way to make a high-ceiling living room feel cozier, or create the illusion of more space by changing the lighting in any room. Get started with the best suggestions.

One of the easiest interior design features to be overlooked, ceiling lights can truly transform your home. Highlight your dining table or separate the open space of a loft just with light. Make every room more inviting and useful with a quick facelift and go from boring to beautiful with this curated list of options.

Westinghouse Stella Mira Chandelier

Best overall

Elevate the decor of your dining room with a functional statement piece like the Westinghouse Stella Mira Chandelier, a six-fixture ceiling light that brings a vintage vibe with its oil-rubbed bronze finish. The exposed filament bulbs are a great complement to the industrial design that inspired this retro-looking, metal orb. It’s ideal for creating a sense of openness in any room.

Globe Electric Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Best solar ceiling lights

If you want a vintage yet understated lighting element for your kitchen or living room, the Globe Electric Flush Mount Ceiling Light is a lovely, fully dimmable option to bring an elegance to the ceiling light. The clear glass shade combined with Edison bulbs gives you a lot of character without being overpowering.

Youtob LED Ceiling Light

Best value ceiling lights

Now you can access the sophisticated look of sleek flush mount ceiling lights without breaking the bank. The Youtob Ceiling Light with Adjustable 3 Colors is the top value option for the amazing set of features, quality, durability, and price. The ultra-bright light of 1500 lumens beams in three different temperature options for added convenience.

Shaping the lighting of your house is a powerful and often overlooked way to change how you perceive the dimensions of a space or interior. Make a room look bigger or a corner more inviting with the options in our specially curated list. We are sure your next dinner party guests will be asking what you did to improve your home’s look and feel.

Editors' Recommendations

These are the top home design trends, according to Zillow listings
These are the must-have designs according to Zillow
indoor outdoor decor ideas patio area

If you love looking at homes (whether you're in the market or not), Zillow is one of the premiere sites to do so. Not only does it give a good idea of what's available and coming available in your area, you can get home prices, up-and-coming neighborhoods, and plenty of design ideas when perusing homes. According to a recent study of millions of active for-sale Zillow listings, they even help to identify this year's most sought-after design trends. Here's what they had to say.

Outdoor spaces
Gorgeous outdoor spaces are having a moment, and for good reason. People are still spending more time at home post-pandemic, and having space outside to soak in the sun and be in nature is important. Backyards were mentioned 22% more often in for-sale listings last year when comparing them against the year prior. "The rising popularity of outdoor features suggests the pandemic has changed the way we want to live for good, priming the backyard for a 2023 evolution,” said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert. “When the pandemic forced all entertaining outdoors, homeowners reclaimed their backyards from the kids or the dogs.”
Mirror, mirror on the wall
While outdoor spaces make sense, this next one may surprise you. Mirrored walls, like those that were popular circa 1970-1980s are coming back. "Mirrored walls and even mirrored ceilings have been showing up 12% more than the year before," according to the study, but with a bit of a twist. This time, more antique or vintage-inspired mirrors are on trend, especially when they make a small or dark room feel more spacious and bright.
Other notable mentions
Other trends rising in popularity over the last year are private nooks in a home, even in ones that are more open concept. Think reading nooks, private yoga spaces, or just a quiet, well-thought-out space where you can spend some time alone. Another mention is continuing the use of vintage materials like wood and muted metals to keep a home feeling warm and lived in. Finally, kitchen islands are continuing to stay popular as we use our kitchens for entertaining, family dinners, work, and play. The bigger, the better, and the use of color that offsets them from the rest of the space are still very much trending.

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Thankfully, online marketplaces offer us a chance to find original pieces for affordable prices and from the comfort of our homes. These online stores provide all the benefits of thrifting without the hassle of driving to your local store and sifting through the decor section for hours, only to walk away empty-handed. So, here are some of the best online places to buy vintage and thrifted furniture.

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For living room walls that are just as tasteful as they are warm and exciting, try these six living room wall decor ideas.

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