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7 gorgeous ways to decorate your small bathroom so it feels palatial

You’ve tried everything to decorate your small bathroom but every time you walk in, you’re left feeling as if the space is cramped, dark, and suffocating. Decorating your small space is certainly a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. Here are seven gorgeous ways to decorate your small bathroom to make it feel spacious and inviting.

What is the best design for a small bathroom?

As you design, remember to keep it light and bright. Avoid orange or warm lighting, which can make your space feel dark and dingy, and opt for white overhead lights instead. Along the same vein, keep the paint and tile colors light as well and avoid patterns, which can make a small space feel even more cluttered.

How do you maximize storage in a small bathroom?

To maximize storage, utilize vertical space. Purchase an over-the-toilet organizer or a wall shelf to take advantage of the unused space above the toilet. We recommend choosing an organizer with glass doors or a full wireframe to promote openness in the space.

Additionally, if you have storage space under the sink or in a small linen closet, use plenty of baskets or pull-out organizers. These will help you maintain a clutter-free and accessible space in your small bathroom. Plus, they’re mobile so you can always remove them if you need more space.

small bathroom with blue tiles and floating sink

What sort of tile will suit a small space?

Large white tile is one of the best options for a small bathroom, but warm neutrals are great options as well. If tile walls don’t suit your design style, consider using vertical wall panels that make your bathroom feel more expansive since it draws the eye up and around the space. To achieve the same effect with tile, lay them in a vertical herringbone pattern.

What’s the best vanity for a small bathroom?

Floating vanities allow for more visual floor space which is an easy way to make the space appear larger. Alternatively, vanities with built-in shelves are fashionable and functional, updating your space and giving you more room to keep toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other products.

For a unique design, install a vintage standing vanity or a sink with exposed pipes for a more industrial look that’s still light and open.

How should you curate your color palette?

Whites and neutrals should be the primary colors in your design, but don’t forget to add a pop of color to inject the room with some excitement. When picking a palette, stick to three colors for a small room to prevent it from feeling overwhelming. The simplest palette consists of three colors: a light neutral, a dark neutral, and a bold, vibrant hue.

While the monochromatic look is definitely in, this style generally works better in larger spaces where there’s room to play with different shades and maintain the scheme across the entire room. In a small room where there’s less to work with, it may end up looking boring and unfinished. A pop of color brings purpose to the design and pulls attention to the accented pieces, not the size of the bathroom.

The best decor items for a small bathroom

In small bathrooms, there’s only room for the essentials. This doesn’t mean decor should fall by the wayside. The trick is to incorporate multi-use items that are as fashionable as they are functional.

  • Pick decorative baskets to rest on your shelves and hide daily essentials inside small jars and porcelain containers.
  • If you have a little extra room, succulents add a touch of color and vitality to the room. They are low maintenance, and many of them love the humidity.
  • Adding a big mirror is another great strategy to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.
small bathroom wood shelf with minimal decor above sink

How to pick the right shower curtain for the small space

As you begin to choose a curtain for your space, consider what existing patterns might influence your design. If you have square tiles, avoid picking a shower curtain with many straight lines or square-like shapes. This will create a look that’s overly boxy and confined. Instead, choose a more rounded design like flowers, fruits, beach waves, or plants, or just go with a solid-colored option. Pro tip: Push aside the shower curtain when it’s not in use to create more visible space in your tiny bathroom.

Designing a small bathroom may be challenging, but all you need is a little creativity and an eye for color to create a look that’s just as luxurious as a sprawling spa-inspired space.

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