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5 simple mudroom ideas we absolutely love for spring

Try these mudroom ideas for a calmer, more inviting space

Your mudroom has the potential to be one of the coziest spots in your home. So why not bring it to its fullest potential with some great mudroom ideas?

Some people may neglect to put much thought into their mudrooms, as they are transitional spaces that you don’t spend a lot of time in. They’d be underestimating the importance of making this room as comfortable and inviting as possible. Your mudroom is where you might take a moment to unwind after a long day, so you want the vibe to be just right.

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As spring rolls around and we spend more time outdoors, it might be time to redesign your mudroom. Here are some stellar mudroom ideas we love.

White painted mudroom
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Bring some life into your mudroom and bridge the transition from outdoors to indoors with some plants. We recommend introducing either a tall indoor plant or some hanging plants in the space.

Floating shelves

Add some personality to your mudroom with floating shelves. You can buy a few and arrange them in any way that fits your space best. Then, display some of your favorite knick-knacks, framed photos, or other fun items. We suggest placing an essential oil diffuser on a shelf in your mudroom! This way, there will always be a pleasant aroma greeting you at the door. You can even add a speaker or an Amazon Alexa device (or something of the like) in your mudroom to play ambient music or check the weather.

Wall mirrors

Having large wall mirrors is one of our favorite mudroom ideas. Its practicality is twofold: For one, it will make the space feel larger, as mudrooms can typically be pretty small. And it also gives you a spot to check yourself right before you head out the door.

Space-saving storage bench

Storage benches are a staple of any mudroom. You want a nice, cozy space to sit down and take a breather between being in the house and heading outside, or vice versa. It’s also a necessary spot to store your shoes. There are some great space-saving storage benches out there that work perfectly for mudrooms. Some are super long and have lots of shoe space and others attach to tall shelving units. Choose one that best suits your mudroom and how you intend to use it.


Who doesn’t love a good poof? They’re almost always a chic design choice, and they offer a cozy spot to quite literally kick your feet up and relax. While they’re typically found in a living room, we highly suggest placing one in your mudroom. You might want to get one that’s not too expensive or is a dark color so you don’t mind if it gets a little dirty. Ultimately, though, this mudroom idea is great to add some class to a cozy room.

Mudrooms see more action than you think. While you may not spend as much time in there as you do in your living room or kitchen, you’ll actually want to spend more time in there after implementing these mudroom ideas. Your mudroom can serve as a space to unwind by yourself — even to meditate — as you experience a transition period in your day. With some of these mudroom ideas, you can make it a space that exudes comfort, class, and convenience.

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