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The ultimate how-to guide for creating the perfect cozy reading nook

Reading nooks are lovely spaces to have in any home, providing a cozy retreat for busy homeowners who seek a place of peace and solitude after the end of a long day. Whether you have an entire room to devote to your mini library or just a small corner, these are some of the best ways to decorate your literary oasis.

father and daughter reading together at home

How to create a stunning reading nook

As you plan out this area, first determine who the reading nook is for. If you intend for the entire family to enjoy the space, pick a central location in the home. Further, additional storage may be necessary to store everyone’s favorite tales, and all the shelves will need to be lower to the ground for young readers. Alternatively, if you want the reading nook to be your own dedicated space, place the nook in your bedroom or tucked away in a small corner where there’s only room for one.

Where to put your reading nook in your home

Try a spare closet

If the closet space is large enough, place a cozy chair or ottoman in a corner and construct some built-in storage. Closets are a cozy retreat, and, if decorated well, it can be a personal pod separate from the rest of the home.

Put it under the stairs

Alternatively, placing your reading nook under the stairs can be a fun way to maximize your home’s square footage. These spaces are notoriously small, so it’s a better fit for the younger ones of the family. Plus, children will adore the magical cave where they can let their imaginations run wild.

Situate it by a window

To take advantage of natural lighting, set up your reading nook by a window, preferably one with a nice view. Pull up a chair and a small bookcase next to a large window and soak up the beautiful rays while you read.

man reading on a bench by the window in home reading nook

How to decorate your reading nook

As you decorate, do your best to incorporate your personality and style into the design, showcasing your favorite books, colors, patterns, and trinkets.

Choose a style of seating

Proper seating is crucial to creating a cozy nook where you can relax for hours without walking away with a sore back or strained neck. Armchairs, egg chairs, and hanging seats are trendy choices for your reading nook, but you can also keep it classic with ottomans or bean bag chairs. Adding in long benches also adds a lot of versatility to the nook. They are especially adorable near windows as well, especially if you add an oversize plant on either side.

Add textiles to your design

Above all else, this reading nook should be cozy, so don’t hold back when it comes to adding pillows, blankets, rugs, and furniture upholstered in soft fabrics. To add some variety to the space, be sure to mix and match different materials including wool, cotton, knitted fabrics, and faux fur. Doing so will create a fun and eclectic space with plenty of options for snuggling up with a good book.

Experiment with pops of color

Whether the vibe of your space is dramatic and moody or light and whimsical, adding vibrant accent colors and statement pieces will keep the space from feeling bland or lifeless. Even if your palette is monochromatic or neutral, you can still add more muted colors, like a faded safe green or a light blush. For kids’ spaces, we encourage you to have fun with the colors, incorporating several of their favorite shades.

Choose the perfect lighting

As we mentioned above, sufficient lighting is vital for your reading nook. If you place your nook by a window, you’ll have plenty of light during the daytime to illuminate your reading selection. For the evening, however, choose a small lamp or wall sconce with warm lighting to create a gentle luminescence in your space. For closets or under-the-stairs nooks, pair a few different options together to ensure it doesn’t feel too dark or dingy. So, if the space has a large overhead light, consider including fairy lights or a lamp for when you want some softer light.

Creating a cozy reading nook in your home gives you a personalized, plush place to escape to. Everyone needs to unplug every now and again, so treat yourself to a little enclave where you can truly relax. As you decorate, don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting, color, patterns, and artwork until you’re left with a warm and inviting environment fit for endless reading.

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