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Wow your guests with these stellar coffee bar ideas

Coffee bar ideas for all kitchen sizes, even the smaller ones

Keeping your kitchen’s home design fresh isn’t always easy — there’s not much wall space, and you can’t move the furniture around from time to time as you can in other rooms. Adding a chic coffee bar to your kitchen can be the solution to this common home decor dilemma.

With a small counter and a dream, it’s possible to create a coffee bar that fits your kitchen and enhances its vibes. Here are some outstanding coffee bar ideas for small spaces and spaces of any size to give you some inspiration to make your very own.

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Person using a compact coffee maker on a kitchen counter

Make use of storage

Whether you use a rolling cart, kitchen pantry furniture, a bar cabinet, or existing counter space for your coffee bar, there will be some items — think coffee pods, utensils, and more — that you’ll want out of sight. 

Be sure you’re creatively using your storage space to tuck away these items. For example, if you have a pantry with open shelving, consider using basket bins to store your things. They look clean and trendy and also act as drawers for easy access to the tools you need for your perfect cup o’ joe.

Open shelving with coffee maker and dishes in small kitchen

Install floating shelves

For the items you do want to display or want even easier access to, floating shelves are a fun and eye-catching option, and they allow you to change up the decor you place on the wall behind your coffee bar. One idea is to install three floating shelves in a zig-zag pattern. Use one for a seasonal sign or decoration, one for a decorative sugar container, and another for a jar of coffee beans (this can also be decorative — it doesn’t matter whether you use them or not).

Another idea is to use two long floating shelves that span the length of the coffee bar area. Hang them on the wall, one on top of the other, and voila! You have plenty of space to add some of your coffee paraphernalia for all to see.

Coffee mug set with coffee accessories

Display your mugs in style

Instead of floating shelves, you might want to install hooks to hang your best mugs. You can also show them off by buying — or handcrafting — a slim standing shelf, placing it directly next to your coffee bar and filling it with your mugs.

Chalkboard hanging on the wall

Create a chalkboard backdrop

If you’re going for a true coffeehouse vibe, try incorporating a chalkboard into your coffee bar design. You can accomplish this either by hanging a large chalkboard directly above your coffee bar or by getting some adhesive chalkboard wallpaper to peel and stick right behind it. With your artistic skills and some chalk, you can now customize your coffee bar design anytime.

Glass coffee bean containers

Hang up a sign

A chic coffee sign can mean all the difference in making your coffee bar pop. This one detail can turn even an ordinary spot on your counter into a hip coffee station. It designates exactly where guests can go to grab some caffeine and adds the necessary aesthetic to your kitchen’s coffee bar.

Three-tier serving tray

Add a tiered pastry tray

For coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth, a multitiered pastry tray placed on your coffee bar is a must. Some are fancier than others, so which one you get depends on the vibe you’re going for. You can place your freshly baked muffins right with your coffee, so you have all your morning goodies in one spot.

Kitchen with red and green winter color palette, garland, and fairy lights

Incorporate lighting

No one loves harsh lights in the morning. Instead of turning on the lights for the whole kitchen, have smaller lights that illuminate just your coffee bar. There are several options for this. You can keep it simple and use a plug-in night light, or you can buy a small desk lamp that fits the theme of your coffee bar.

If you want to get really advanced, a ceiling light that hangs down just above your coffee bar could really jazz up the design while adding a practical light source to the area. Regardless of what you pick, a lighting fixture can give your coffee bar that extra shine it needs.

Small kitchenette with mini fridge in the basement

Use a small beverage cooler

Rather than rummaging through your refrigerator for the ingredients to make your perfect coffee, why not have a designated place for them right at your coffee bar? One of these compact beverage coolers can fit right beneath your coffee bar if it has a cabinet that’s the right size. You can even place it on top of the bar. If you’re storing dairy in it, just make sure you’re buying a unit that drops to 38 degrees or below to keep it fresh.

Not only can a coffee bar keep your kitchen looking up to date, but it can also be a practical space for the coffee drinkers in the house to brew a cup in style. Whenever you need a caffeine boost or have guests over, everything you need to make the perfect cup or pot of coffee is neatly organized all in one spot. With these coffee bar ideas to spark some inspiration, dive into customizing your own coffee station and be proud when your company just can’t help but pay it their compliments.

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