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Bulletproof coffee: The benefits and drawbacks of this morning trend

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just someone who enjoys their morning pick-me-up each day, you might have heard the term “bulletproof coffee.” But what is it? Coffee is a common breakfast staple across many countries. It is bitter (but sometimes sweetened with sugar), filled with caffeine, and perfect for that much-needed energy boost in the morning. One coffee drink that you may not see everywhere but is picking up in popularity is bulletproof coffee.

It is now rather well known amongst followers of the keto diet, an ideal choice amongst those who are trying to eat right for fitness purposes. The name may sound intimidating, but this drink is great for a lot of reasons. It has many benefits mixed with some potential downsides, creating a controversial drink for many. If you want to find out what bulletproof coffee really is, what its benefits are, and why people love it so much, keep reading. We’ve got everything you need to know about its ingredients, advantages, and disadvantages, allowing you to decide if bulletproof coffee is the right breakfast staple for you.

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What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is a coffee drink with much more than just coffee. It is high in calories and intended to replace breakfast entirely. The basic recipe for bulletproof coffee consists of 2 cups of coffee, 2 tablespoons of grass-fed and unsalted butter, and 1 or 2 tablespoons of MCT oil, all mixed together in a blender. If your first question is: What is MCT oil? Then here is your answer: MCT oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil, is a common and popular supplement made of fatty acids that can help improve fat loss and increase energy. It is the perfect addition to your morning coffee that will help to aid the loss of fat and ultimately improve morning energy levels. The unsalted butter in this high-calorie drink is in line with the paleo diet and the keto diet, making it perfect for those who follow this lifestyle.

Bulletproof coffee was originally advertised by Dave Asprey, the creator of The Bulletproof Diet. This coffee has become and continues to be more and more popular. This high-calorie drink is especially popular and trendy for those who follow the paleo diet or keto diet.

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Why do people favor it?

People are all about this unique coffee drink for many reasons. It is easy to make, affordable to create, and can save you time in the morning. This drink is oftentimes used to replace breakfast because of its high amount of calories. This allows you to save some morning minutes on making an elaborate breakfast. It is also known to improve energy in the morning, which everyone can benefit from. The caffeine from the coffee mixed with the fatty butter and MCT oil provides your body with a burst of energy with each sip.

Not only do people like this drink for its energizing and fat-burning benefits, but they also love it because of its great taste. The fatty, unsalted butter adds a delicious creaminess to any bitter coffee. Everyone can enjoy this incredible taste in the morning while replacing their breakfast at the same time.

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The benefits of bulletproof coffee

As previously stated, people love this coffee for many reasons. It has a lot of great benefits that people enjoy, making this drink a growingly popular trend, as stated by Bulletproof. Some great benefits of bulletproof coffee include:

  • Aids in burning fat. The MCT oils and the linoleic acid from the grass-fed butter both aid in the fat-burning benefit of this coffee drink.
  • Boosts energy levels. By combining high caffeine levels from coffee with the fat from the butter, this drink is energizing to give you a good boost in the morning.
  • Improves bone health. Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve bone health and the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Increases mental focus. The MCT oil can improve mental focus.
  • Reduces risk of premature death and certain diseases. The MCT oil and Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the risk of premature death from certain diseases.
  • Great taste. The grass-fed butter adds a creamy, delicious texture to this energizing drink.
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The drawbacks of bulletproof coffee

Although there are many benefits to bulletproof coffee, there are some drawbacks and disadvantages that should be considered, as stated by Healthline:

  • Nutrient level is low. Some people use this drink as a meal replacement for breakfast, which could be an issue considering the low nutrient levels in this drink. The coffee beans, butter, and MCT oil offer little to no nutrients in the morning.
  • Saturated fat level is high. Saturated fat can be linked to heart problems, and this drink has very high saturated fat levels from the butter.
  • Could raise cholesterol levels. Butter can quickly and easily raise cholesterol levels, potentially causing health risks.
  • Can cause an upset stomach. If your stomach isn’t used to MCT oil or drinking 2 tablespoons of butter, you may be drinking yourself to an upset stomach.

Bulletproof coffee provides your body with more positives than negatives. It is a great option for anyone on a paleo diet, keto diet, or low-carb diet. Bulletproof coffee combines the benefits of coffee’s caffeine with the fat-burning strength of MCT oil and the healthy fats from grass-fed butter. It can be used as a meal replacement for breakfast, but it should not be consumed on a daily basis. This drink can potentially increase cholesterol levels, cause an upset stomach, and increase saturated fat levels. Even though it has many benefits, this drink will be more beneficial when consumed on an inconsistent basis or in moderation.

You will love the energizing and fat-burning features of this drink, making bulletproof coffee a great go-to for those mornings when you need an extra boost. Still, be aware of the dietary disadvantages before participating in this trend to ensure it will work for your lifestyle.

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